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Cheap Flights to Israel

Israel is one of the Middle Eastern countries in West Asia that shares its borders with Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, the Red Sea in the south, Egypt in the southwest, and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The Holy Land of Israel is a pilgrimage destination frequented by Jews, Muslims, and Christians. However, the country is more than meets the eye and attracts travellers not just for its synagogues, mosques, and churches. Rather, people of all ages catch flights to Israel to check out the variety of sightseeing spots scattered around the country which pique their curiosity. When places like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Negev, Galilee, the Dead Sea, and Eilat adorn the geography of Israel, it’s impossible to overlook the growing popularity and prosperity of the country.

Not for nothing do globetrotters fly to this culturally rich country in droves. Although Israel is packed with lots of cities, Tel Aviv, its commercial and cultural capital, deserves a special mention for offering adrenaline-inducing adventure, easy-going escape, action-packed getaway, and whatnot! Often called ‘the Mediterranean Capital of Cool,’ it is one of the topmost action-packed cities Israel boasts. You can have a whale of a time by indulging in an extensive array of activities, such as unwinding on the glistening sands of unparalleled beaches, letting your hair down in the dazzling nightlife, ambling through vibrant markets, treating your taste buds to the scrumptious cuisines, and more.

Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, is equally enticing and entertaining, if not more. Blending modernisation with epoch-making history, the city takes pride in boasting a host of historical sites as well as archaeological wonders. No wonder while the magical alleys and splendid vistas of Jerusalem leave almost every traveller wonder-struck, the incredibly modern sightseeing spots deliver a limitless supply of entertainment and euphoria to all those who are passionate about arts, culture, food, and music.

Best Places to Visit in Israel

The Dead Sea

No flight to Israel is considered worthwhile without heading to the Dead Sea. It is an awe-inspiring natural wonder where you cannot get drowned whatsoever. We aren’t kidding! Tourists and natives alike take delight in kicking back at this incredibly impressive spot. While its cobalt waters have healing powers, the mud rich in minerals is extremely beneficial to be used as a body scrub. Besides floating in the waters of the Dead Sea, you must also explore its propinquity for myriads of tourist honeypots scattered around. Some of them are natural healing spas, splendid hiking trails, gourmet restaurants, and adrenaline-inducing spots.

The Galilee

The Galilee is the majority of northern Israel region that is famous for its pristine lakes, sprawling coastlines, and lazy rivers. Tourists of all ages tend to have a whale of a time in Galilee. From feeling the splashes of white waters on your face while enjoying kayaking to making the most of the activities, such as tubing, water-skiing, and kitesurfing on the Sea of Galilee to enjoying some me-time on the umpteen idyllic beaches – Galilee offers several pursuits not only on water but on the land and in the air as well. To name a few are sky-jumping, off-roading over jagged mountain rocks, and rappelling down rigorous cliffs.


Also famous as Akko, the port city of Acre is a unique attraction that offers you the opportunity to take a peek at its intriguing past. The prehistoric city boasts myriads of exceptional sites, such as structures from the periods of Ottoman and Crusades, as well as remnants left behind of varied cultures. However, this amazing city of Acre has more to it than just history and archaeology. Bustling markets, beaches teeming with amenities for water sports, museums, hotels, marina, restaurants, fisherman’s port, and eclectic festivals – Acre has got your back no matter what. No wonder Akko, the dynamic ancient city, makes a must-see tourist destination in the travel itinerary of Israel.

Famous Cities to Visit in Israel

Each and every city in Israel is nothing less than a sought-after tourist destination that offers an exotic blend of intriguing history, ancient culture, and modernisation. The capital city of Jerusalem, owing to its religious significance, draws pilgrims from every nook of the world, while Tel Aviv boasts dazzling nightlife and Mediterranean beaches. Speaking of Haifa, it is home to a mix of industries and attractions and thus, makes a sui generis city. Eilat is revered for its Red Sea resorts and abundant water sports. All of these cities, along with others, provide diverse and unprecedented experiences that cater to a broad spectrum of travellers.

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Major International Airports in Israel

All the airports in Israel play a prominent role when it comes to the travel and tourism industry. They serve as essential gateways to Israel’s extensive array of attractions. Ben Gurion International Airport, situated in Tel Aviv, is the major airport that welcomes a sea of international travellers on a regular basis. Its state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location make travel convenient for passengers. The airports in Ramon and Haifa foster the country’s tourism by providing efficient transportation to its historic sites, natural beauty, and picturesque landscapes.

Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)
Ramon Airport (ETM)
Haifa Airport (HFA)

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Israel

Yes, there are several airlines that offer direct flights from London, the capital of the United Kingdom to Tel Aviv, one of the renowned cities of Israel.
Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, El Al Israel Airlines, EasyJet, and Wizz Air UK are certain airlines that operate on the routes between the United Kingdom and Israel.
It takes approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes to land at Ben Gurion International Airport from London Heathrow Airport.
In order to lay your hands on cheap flight tickets to Israel, book them at least 3-4 weeks prior to your departure.