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Europe is a continental conclave holding secrets of the generation and an era. The continent presents a blend of brown and white race, most obviously the Aryans and the Caucasians, entrenched along with the Vikings history. Exclusive deals on cheap flights to Europe has an occasional significance that is welcoming, often modest and just short of being called dreamy as well as entrenched in trance. Travelling to any part of the Europe, will bring traveller near to the wondrous antiquities otherwise hidden inside literature, cuisines, architecture and the rituals practiced thereof. Travellers who are planning for a trip to Europe, may look around for the European cheap flights, available in the budget friendly choices. Being on board the cheap European flights is going to be a big win for your friendly pocket.

Interestingly, many of the popular empires of the world came into existence and later expanded in Europe. The promising among these empires are - The Russian Empire, The Spanish Empire, The Roman Empire, and The British Empire. European continent had been an integrated part of Eurasia, which comprises Europe and part of Asian Mainland.

The most popular and amazing travel destination in European continent is none other than Disneyland Paris, and for this reason it is always inhabited by people from all over the world. Organising a trip by booking cheap Europe flights brings out an essence of a continent that has passed through timeless moments, actions of valour, but still retains her valuable and overwhelming character. Cheap Europe Flights will let you travel to remotest regions of European continent like Faroe Islands in Denmark and the Champs Elysees in France.

Reasons to visit Europe

Europe brings the amazement and awe in minds of the travellers as they find themselves involved, gaining the deep insight into War Relics, Castles, Renaissance Movements besides delving in the arts and crafts. One of the several reasons that the travellers book cheap European flights to different cities in the Europe is that they are overwhelmingly excited about gaining momentum into the world filled in adventure-filled activities. Reasons of visiting Europe may be many but the choices you are going to make will vary more intuitively.

1: Rich Historical Background

History has a different purpose and holistically new meaning in the European continent. Whether it is the forts, or the monuments, or history related to arts and crafts – a trip to South and Central Europe and the Scandinavian countries would give you the right motive to travel. Cheap flights to Europe is the only means by which the travellers can easily realise the intellectual get-up-and-go.

2: Marvellous Architectural Outgrowth

Architecture had always been one of the most significant factors that played a creative role in commercial and the institutional growth of European nations. There are new styles of arts and architectures, which have lived through the times as well as the ages. Look around for the Hungarian version of Art Nouveau-Secession, or blend of the architectural norms relatable to the Serbian or the Hungarian lifestyles – architectural outgrowth in Europe has always seen a methodical perfection. The cheapest flights to Europe will get you to the places of architectural enthusiasm where you feel excessively motivated.

3: Multiplicity of Rituals and Festivals

European continent has intermingling cultures, classes, rituals and customs, and due to this reason there are several festivals occasions celebrated in different forms, and several of these festivals have folklores. Whether it is the beer festival of Germany, or the La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain, there is always the element of hilariousness involved.

4: Amazing Nightlife

Europe is undoubtedly the world where life breathes her best, and offers enjoyment that continues forever. And this is where Nightlife starts breeding a form composed of outstandingly different music hype and dancing. Super clubs are doused with frantic gyrating motions while the high street bars make a different dent on the imagination of travellers.

5: Food

European food means a perfect blend of taste, diversity and exquisite distinctiveness, which is hard to find elsewhere on the planet Earth. When the food hits taste buds, imagination is served with an out of blue jostle. Book your seat on low cost flights to Europe is the sure shot way of travelling into the world where food is a bountiful treatment for your imagination.

Best time for flights to Europe

Cheapest flights to Europe is the known and the easiest option available for execution that allows you to travel to your favourite destination in the Europe. Travellers can always look around for the cheaper months when they can fly to Europe, and most obviously these fall on the middle of the week, falling on the days like the Tuesdays and the Wednesdays. It is significant to note that cheap flights to Europe are not really of the low cost during the peak travel seasons. In the general sense of things, you will have flight options that are exclusive and realistic and more importantly quite balanced in nature.

You can make a good guess to look around for the cheap flights to Europe in the winters, and this has real benefits too. Besides the cheap airfare, travellers have plenty of adventure activities to indulge themselves and get the best out of their lives. Ski and snowboarding activities in Méribel, Zermatt, and St. Anton am Arlberg may turn out to be a once in a lifetime activity. Booking tickets for airplanes is a complicated affair altogether as airlines try keeping higher rates on the first instance and later lower the prices gradually when the tickets begin selling frequently.

Again, make sure you are quick at booking cheap Europe flights right away without procrastinating on everything else, which is neither directly nor indirectly connected.


Facts about Europe

The second smallest continent, as known about Europe, is the conglomerate of 44 countries spread across Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. Russia holds 40% of Europe by size, bigger than only by mere 2% in size of the land mass of Canada. Europe is formed out of the unification of Mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Iberian, Italy and the Balkans, and several other peninsula & small islands. The Mainland Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula on the North are bifurcated by Baltic Sea. The Balkans peninsula on the other hand separates the Balkans from Asia. Amidst all the geographical diversification, Europe also presents a completely amazing socio-ethnic revolution, alongside the sparkle of Dresden, the gargantuan castles besides the advanced rail system on the planet Earth.

Elements Facts Insights
Countries in Europe 51

There are 51 countries in Europe, but if measured on the conventional parameters, Europe has 47 sovereign states, called as the nations. Countries like Russia and Turkey are part European and Part Asian. These nations are not completely part of Europe.

Each of these countries has a separate language and cultural stance. However, they are still united by Schengen Visa. Not all the nations within Europe are as advanced as their counterparts. Many of European nations still follow a traditionally modest way of life.

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Population in Europe Approx. 748 Million

Europe has a total of approx. 748 Million people and this factor is based on the calculations of the year 2021. Germany has an official figure put at 83.78 Million inhabitants, whereas the United Kingdom is at 67.89 Million people.

The population of France, which is yet another advanced nation, has an official figure of 65.27 Million people. It is also significant to note that in recent years, Europe has seen population growth due to cross cultural migration. The migration has also led to different types of cultural changes

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Largest Country in Europe Ukraine

The part of Russia, which lies in Europe, has more area than any other nation in Europe. The other three largest countries in Europe include France, Spain, and Sweden.

In fact, Germany and France are also the most advanced European nations that drive a major part of European economy besides supporting the whole of European economy in many ways. These largest nations in Europe have astronomical terrestrial beauty as well. The largest nations of Europe are significant role models in the industrial revolution.

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Smallest country in Europe Vatican

The microstates of Monaco and San Marino, have the population size of approx. 40,000 and 34,000 correspondingly. These are the smallest European nations indeed, but Vatican City is regarded as the single smallest sovereign nation not of Europe, but across the globe.

The city state, also a commune inside Italy, is known for Christian sentiments. It is the seat of the Pope. Most of the travellers visiting the Vatican are from the Christian faith.

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Currencies in Europe Euro

Since the year 2020, there are as many as 9 official currencies that are for legitimate use and recognised by European Union. However, Euro is the currency used by several of the European member states, whereas remaining states have their own independent currency system based on respective monetary policies.

Euro currency is adopted by the states of European Union in the Eurozone with a single common bank – the European Central Bank (ECB). In the coming years, countries in Europe may very likely adopt a common currency – The Euro.

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Languages in Europe English

Russian language is spoken across Europe, with an official figure settled at 120 Million. Other prominent and quite popular European languages spoken comprise, German, French, Portuguese, English, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Irish, and several more.

Here it is significant to note that while Dutch is the official language spoken in the Netherlands, the language has official status along with Belgium. Spanish is a common language to study in France, Italy, Luxembourg, as well as Portugal.

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Geographical area of Europe 10 Million square km

Europe is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to her North, the Atlantic Ocean & other seas lying on the Western region, and the Mediterranean Sea & the Black Sea on the Southern tip. Ural Mountains settled on the Eastern boundary runs along the North through the South straight from the Arctic Ocean, then paving the Russian landmass, and ending into Kazakhstan.

Other prominent mountainous zones in Europe include The Pyrenees, the Alps, and the Carpathians, which finely divides Europe's southern Alpine region from the hilly central uplands. Northern Europe has lowlands and is flat. Western highlands comprise Scandinavian Mountains in Norway and Sweden, besides the Scottish Highlands.

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Religion in Europe Roman Catholicism

Europe is a multi-racial and multi-cultural land with inhabitants from various faiths interacting and working together, in a peaceful and composed atmosphere. The Roman Catholics have 47% population, while the Orthodox Christians form 10.2% of the religion.

Protestants comprise 18% whereas the other Christians are 5% by population. Muslims and Buddhists are the least in number with 2.1% and 0.7% respectively. People who do not follow any religion or belong to atheistic faith are 17%.

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Cheapest country in Europe Bulgaria

Europe bids various amazing destinations for travellers belonging to varied tastes and interests. There are European nations that are expensive and out of reach for a common traveller, but on the flip side several nations within Europe also offer travellers budget stay. Bulgaria is the cheapest European country to live and travel to.

The country situated on Black Sea is inhabited by travellers from not only Europe but also from other regions in the world. Most of the Bulgarian hotels are cheap to book during the winters and provide free breakfast and free shuttle service as well.

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Most expensive country in Europe Switzerland

The most expensive countries of Europe where the travellers may get through goose bumps are currently France, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, United Kingdom, and Andorra.

If single factor like Housing is used as the differentiator, then Switzerland is approximately 73.9% more than the European Union's average, similarly, Ireland is 56.7% more than the EU average, and in the UK it happens to be 56.5% higher. There are also other differentiators that judge the expensive and inexpensive nature of nations, including the ones in Europe.

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Best places to visit in Europe

Don’t limit yourself because European landscape offers you much more than what meets your eyes. Few amazing countries in Europe would surely swindle your thoughts back in time, and these include France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, and many more. You would entice yourself experiencing times of wonder and proclivity.

Busiest airports in Europe

Europe is home for business and tourism, and for this reason, it remains as busy as ever throughout. The airports maintain continuous traffic flow and are busy all the year around. Few of the busiest airports in Europe are:

london heathrow airport
The airport has a strategic location in London Borough of Hillingdon and manages almost more than 75 Million passengers each year and nearly 80 top notch airlines. Heathrow Airport is the potential hub for British Airways. In the year 2017, the airport won the International Airport Review award in the class of “Security”.

paris charlesde gaulle airport
Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport located in Roissy, which is in the North of Paris, is quite suitably situated in Europe, and has only 45 minutes from Paris connected by means of Regional Rail (RER), subsequently leading to remaining Europe with the help of outstanding French TGV high-speed rail system. CDG airport has a strategic location on A1 road, which happens to be the first link to Paris, Lille, and Belgium.

amsterdam airport schiphol
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol informally named as Schiphol Airport happens to be among the premium international airports in the Netherlands, and situated merely 9 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam, within the municipality of Haarlemmermeer that falls in the province of North Holland. Schiphol is the principal hub for KLM as well as its regional affiliate KLM Cityhopper and Corendon Dutch Airlines, Martinair, Transavia and TUI fly Netherlands. The airport was voted as one of the best airports in Europe in the year 2020.

This smart and state of the art international airport serves Germany’s fifth largest city and is also the key centre for the German airline, Lufthansa. Frankfurt am Main Airport is not only the busiest airport of Germany, but it also happens to be the busiest airport in Europe. The airport is served by four runways and two passenger terminals with passenger load capacity of 65 Million passengers each year.

barcelona airport
The international airport located in Barcelona is held by and managed under the supervision of AENA. The airport has worldwide connections to as many as 212 international destinations, in which 137 are located inside Europe. El Prat Airport in Barcelona is capable of carrying out domestic, regional and international lines of passengers as well as cargo from as many as 40 airlines.

Munich Airport
The airport is also popular as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, and the second busiest airport known in Germany. The airport is primarily serving travelling needs of passengers visiting Bavaria. The airport has two passenger terminals apart from two parallel runways, both being around 4,000 metres in length. The airport is capable of handling 90 aircraft movements each hour. The airport was ranked as a 5-Star Airport by Skytrax in the year 2015. The airport offers cheap flights in Europe and great offers in festive seasons.

leonardo da vinci fiumicino airport
- It is the key functional airport in Italy and indeed one of the busiest in Europe if calculated by means of the passenger traffic. If going by the year 2019 records, the airport served more than 43.5 Million passengers. This airport also serves as the principal connecting way for Alitalia, the biggest Italian airline, and Vueling, a Spanish low-cost carrier, which is managed by International Airlines Group.

adolfo suárez madrid barajas airport
Popular as the Madrid-Barajas Airport, is the principal international airport that addresses the travelling purposes of the population of Madrid in Spain. Spread at 3,050 ha (7,500 acres) it is the second-largest airport in Europe in terms of landscape expanse following the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. In the year 2019, a record number of passengers - not less than 61.8 Million passengers travelled through Madrid-Barajas, giving it the mark of country's busiest airport besides Europe's sixth-busiest.

lisbon airport
Popularly known as the Lisbon Portela Airport, it is considered as the only international gateway to Portugal. The airport is one of the largest airports in Southern Europe, with two main runways and it is still in the mode of expansion. The airport has a strategic location 7 Kms north of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which means it connects directly to other airports in Europe.

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Airlines operating flights to Europe

There are many low cost airlines offering cheap flights to Europe. Comparing the Europe Flights would provide you with better and more interesting travelling options as well as better choices for you, your family and the business. There are cheap flights to Europe available to Europe and elsewhere by a few of these airlines:


One of the biggest European airlines and a public listed company based and situated in the business centre of Frankfurt. It has the operational functionality over a wider expanse connecting the Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa through the primary hubs located in Frankfurt and Munich airports. Lufthansa Airline has a wide body and narrow body aircraft fleet.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the official airline of the Netherlands, with official operating centre in Amstelveen, and the hub in the vicinity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This Dutch Airlines is part of the Air France–KLM group and also the official member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Besides, the airlines serve cargo and passengers in scheduled and chartered flights in more than 145 destinations worldwide.

British Airways

British Airways is a completely serviced and international airline, offering year-round flights to several destinations across the globe. The airways also provide low fares as well as have an all-embracing global route network flying to and from globally located airports. British Airways has the biggest fleet of the modern airlines including the Boeing: 777-300 and Airbus: A350-1000


Officially started operating in the year 1923, Finnair is a network airline with expertise in linking Europe and Asia through the short Northern Route. The airline is parked in Helsinki Hub. Due to its geographical preference, Finnair is capable of providing quick and well-organised connections between Europe and Asia. The airline has an alliance with OneWorld.


Easyjet PLC is basically the United Kingdom-based company operating worldwide on different types of routes. It is the low-cost European airline with the advantage of offering point-to-point and serving international clients. The Easyjet PLC operates almost 156 airports in more than 33 countries. The airline operates via route network segment. The fleet of Easyjet PLC includes A319, A320 180 seat, A320 186 seat, A320 neo and A321 neo.


Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the biggest commercial airline of Switzerland offering direct flights straight from Geneva and Zurich. The airline plays an important role in maintaining air networking between Europe and the rest of the world. The airline is an active and long standing member of Star Alliance and the part of Lufthansa Group. It maintains high quality air transportation services.

Aer Lingus

The Irish national airline brought into commercial service in the year 1936, is currently operating as many as 67 aircrafts of diverse nature across 100 routes to different destinations in the UK and also in Europe. It is the only airline in Ireland with 4 Star status, awarded by Skytrax for the quality service. The home base of Aer Lingus is Dublin Airport.


Vueling Airlines, S.A. started its flying operations in July-2004, and a Spanish low-cost carrier having the primary hub situated at Barcelona El Prat Airport. Vueling has the capacity to operate Airbus A320. In the year 2009, it joined together with Barcelona-based LCC and Iberia-controlled Clickair and together the airline is keeping the Vueling brand. The airline operates in France and Italy.

Jet2 is rated as the UK's third largest airline, serving the world from the ten noted UK airports to across 60 destinations within the Europe and beyond. The airline started operating in 2003 and in an over span of 18 years it has expanded the fleet by including 34 brand-new Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. Jet2 has become quite a popular airline in a small span of time, offering economized flights along with superior class service.


The international airline incorporated as Iberia, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A. Operadora, Sociedad Unipersonal is headquartered in Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain. Interesting to note that Iberia along with integration of Iberia Regional (worked up by an independent carrier Air Nostrum) and also through the Iberia Express, has become affiliated to International Airlines Group. Iberia Group airlines is serving more than 109 destinations across 39 countries, and additional 90 destinations via code-sharing agreements with many international carriers.


The airline began its commercial operation in the year 2004 and served a whopping 200 Million passengers in the year 2019. WIZZ Air strongly believes in passenger service and provides high class comfort in air. The airline is working diligently to make flying affordable to its passengers who have the intent of travelling between the places and during any season.


Founded in the year 1984, Ryanair DAC is an Ireland based airline, with headquarters in Swords, Dublin. It is basically an ultra-low-cost airline having primary operational bases in Dublin and London Stansted airports. Ryanair DAC forms the major chunk of the Ryanair Holdings, which also includes Ryanair UK, Buzz, and Malta Air as the operational sister concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Europe

The late autumn and the winter months starting from middle through the late October and passing over to Middle of March are considered as the cheap months to catch low cost flights to Europe. However, there is a possibility of airfares shooting up in December.
If you are considering the most appropriate time of visiting Europe, then do not miss the months from June through September. During these months, the Sun is on the top and basking on the beaches. Overall, the weather is pretty warm, although the humidity levels are on the lower side.
European Union countries are planning to loosen the pandemic restrictions to give way to the tourist season in approaching summers. This easing out would definitely give advantage to vaccinated Britons and Americans. In the ongoing times of restrictions, travellers from seven nations, which also includes Australia, Israel and Singapore, can enter the EU for holidays, even if they are not vaccinated.
Icelandair is the cheapest airline available among several others to fly to Europe. It has earned the name as “Backpackers Airline,” and offering low cost flights to Luxembourg, Icelandair is now hard put to beat competitors on most routes it flies. The airline runs on New York/JFK, Newark, Sanford, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington/Dulles and several more.
It is very important that you book your flight to Europe in time, or ahead of time. Usually, the airfares change in 4.5 days, and this change on average goes $30 up or down. The last minute flight deals are generally expensive and could be out of reach for many travellers. The best time to book a flight ticket would be at least three months before your flight departure.

Discover continents other than Europe

Europe projects fascinating history, architecture and amazing lifestyle, which is of valuable interest to the travellers. You cannot miss out on delectable food, or wandering to vintage places, which attract the imagination of travellers from every walk of life. Continents other than Europe can also be on your wishlist in the next trip, as you experience awe-inspiring excitement while trying new things out.