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Travellers thinking of a trip to Switzerland are always living under the illusion that the country is a hotspot of skiing. The reality seems much more expansive but certainly not far-fetched. With cheap flights to Switzerland, travellers have the opportunity in hand to explore the real reasons for making the trip of this erstwhile Republica Helvetiorum and imprint the versatile information of the land deep in their fertile imagination. The country is a beautiful conundrum of landscapes, formed out of the urban cities like Lucerne, Lausanne, and Zurich. The trio cities create a mélange of psychedelic antique towns, an astonishing line of exquisite waterfronts with skylines of these cities blending in the arts.

Zurich, which is the ultramodern Swiss city and plausibly large and expanding has seen itself evolving as the principal transportation hub. Lake Zurich presents a terrific escape for travellers imbued in Romance, ecstasy, and many more activities like river boating, cruises, and inspiring bike rides. Riverboats offer the best means for exploring the cities more like a poet and explorer than as a traveller.

Zurich is established as the "fountainous" of Europe, supplied with 1200 fountains and café streams besides the streets embellished in mind-blowing shades and cool ambiences. Switzerland inhabits the intersection of Germanic and Romance Europe, which is found in the four key linguistic and cultural areas vis-à-vis - German, French, Italian and Romansh. The country, profoundly rich in its economics, with a recorded top eighth per capita gross domestic product, is also the centre of business activity and regular MIC tours. Switzerland is the best place to visit for travellers who want to experience the highest quality of life. Furthermore, the greatness of this country stems from various economic and social activities. Local and international festivals and rituals celebrated in Switzerland are popular across the globe, and a few among these include International Balloon Festival, Geneva Motor Show, Paléo Festival de Nyon, Basler Fasnacht, Montreux Jazz Festival, Fête de L’Escalade, Festichoc, and Fête Nationale Suisse etc.

The splurge of town squares and churches, the indelible twin towers of the Hofkirche give townscapes all exciting reasons to visit and feel with the temperament. Get besmirched in the awesomely stunning afternoon strolling in the Backer Park, and exploit yourself in the stimulating Indianer museum, which shows the reflection of Native American lifestyle, philosophies, and ethos. If you choose to play around with exotic drinks at Long Street Bar or become awesomely hilarious at the Volkshaus Zurich comedy club, the rights are all yours in the end.

The travellers who carry with them a strong intention of shopping, their spree shall never end. The best purchases to go for are the products carved from pottery, hi-tech watches, Swarovski crystals, Swiss army knives, liquors of the type Williamina, textiles, and popular folklore souvenirs like music boxes. The country showcases old-world charm relived in the new world niceties. The cheap flights to Switzerland from UK will let you travel to Switzerland save you money, which can be then reinvested to explore the hot destinations within the city. In the end, it is going to be a winning spree.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is not any usual country, with usual landscapes and cityscapes. The European nation had been a godly creation. It has mystical terrains, historical and cultural breakthroughs, austerity, and a great number of attractions that are class-apart. Irrespective of the fact that you plan on travelling to Switzerland in summers or winters, you are always met with felicitations that your mind cannot even think. The landscapes of Switzerland are marked by creations like mountains, lakes and crystal clear freshwater bodies. The antique cobbled streets will lead travellers to sites that are extensively supernatural, offbeat and served as the seat for the gods. Switzerland is also the place where you are going to find a mixture of old and new developments in one place. The sighting of bars, galleries, museums and restaurants make a way for an incredible retreat for travellers.

1: Sion - The Impressive and Beautifully Secluded City

Sion is strategically located on the banks of a beautiful river, Sion, and nestled in Rhone Valley. There are two majestic peaks that overlook the valley, and on these peaks lie the wrecks of the castle and church from the 13th Century. Wine is an integral part of Sion’s social life, and this could become conspicuously visible as travellers could find an array of restaurants and distinctive cafes. Sion is the city where travellers could find themselves indulging in terrific tastes of local wines.

2: Fribourg - The City with Gorgeous Landscape and Eventful Weather

With a fabulous positioning, which overlaps the gorge, and bifurcates the city, Fribourg sprawling meadows and grasslands, amazingly natural views, in addition to a gargantuan network of antique and old fashioned museums, churches and all the more imposing fortified buildings. Huddled in Fribourg’s medievalism is the bustling modern culture represented by nightlife and discotheques.

3: Geneva - The Heaven’s Sanctuary

Geneva is a stunning sanctuary, also appearing as nature's oasis created in the presence of God. The big Swiss city has also emerged as the biggest podium for hosting international events and meetings. Geneva is the site of the world’s tallest fountain known as Jet D'Eau. The fountain has become a symbol of Swiss pride. The imposing structures like the Natural History Museum, Horology Museum and occurrences of numerous cathedrals and rose gardens lend Geneva its natural beauty and splendour.

4: Lucerne - Nature’s Stunning Notebook with Histrionics

If you want to get through the book description of Switzerland, Lucerne is all about that description, eulogised until the last world. The medieval settings in Lucerne are depicted in form of paved streets that lead straight to the restaurants, decorative shops, and magnificent hotels drawn out from antiquity. In addition, the majestic mountains and the gleaming lakes bordering this attractive city is enough in creating a photogenic tapestry.

5: Bern - The Dreamy Place or the Fairyland of Switzerland

The charming capital of Switzerland with a chocolate box-like appeal, Bern is a fairyland. The fairy characteristic of Bern begins to be realised gradually as the travellers stroll the meandering cob-web streets that make the structure of the old town. There are several edifices structured in the city, known to have emerged around 500 years ago. Bern has more than 4 -5 miles of cloistered arcades adding a totally distinctive feel.

6: Basel - The Blistering Trade and Commerce Festival of Europe

Basel has a fine location, established on the rambling banks of River Rhine. The city shares its border with two other European countries, namely - Germany and France. On a usual tour of the city, travellers will be smitten by colossal museums and galleria. Over a period of time, Basel has also emerged as the capital known for its trade and commercial activities. Travellers are fascinated by terrific gothic architecture.

7: Zurich - The City Blended with Ancient Culture and Magnificent History

The biggest city in Switzerland, having a fairly stable population and great economy, Zurich is the nerve centre that harbours the cultural exuberance and historical blueprint. The city has an ultramodern outlook as well as antiquity, which is marked by old-fashioned museums, omniscient art galleries, and hotels. The old part of Zurich is an ideal mélange that showcases the existence of remarkable shops, refined dining places that are intermingled inside the old European flair.

Things to Do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a romantic land, settled in austerity, and feels like a stunning ruse for travellers. The European country has plenty of activities that swerve the imagination of travellers to the levels where it is not easy to come back from. The awesome scenic paradise plus the sights of paradoxical adventures are inviting and mystical. A visit to Switzerland - one of the most stunning European lands, will be a pleasure for your entire life. You could easily catch the pleasure as it begins to unfold before you as you visit city after city and indulge in the exciting activities. Hiking, shopping, or taking culinary tours by visiting the local shops, Switzerland offers a never-ending foray with adventure and nature. With flights to Switzerland from UK, travellers will gain a completely unforgettable experience, which will always rest in their minds.

1: Paddle Boarding at Lake Geneva

If you have missed the opportunity of Paddle Boarding on your previous visit, this is the time to experience it and feel the amazing thrill out of it. Balance a straight posture holding the hand of your partner and romanticise over the pristine and composed river by way of paddling. Besides, there are also options available for wakeboarding and even surfing.

2: Rhine Falls Boating at Schaffhausen

This is a spuriously amazing place filled with adventurism, majestic waterfalls and hilarious views of the entire place. Rhine Falls attract a huge number of tourists each year, giving the tourists nothing less than momentary surprises.

3: Chillion Castle, Lake Geneva

The water castle is located on the banks of river Geneva and carries with it popular history. The structure of this castle is designed in an architecturally unique manner such that it has 25 buildings, three courtyards, and a huge Greenland inside and outside. Since the castle is functioning, travellers can book it for hosting parties, shows and several events.

4: Sky Dining in Zurich

Travellers who have always fancied dining on the rooftops think of visiting Eden au Lac’s Sky Bar. This exciting bar also serves as a cool getaway for the tourists who are permeated in Romance and like to go for delightful foods and exotic drinks. Refresh your imagination, live in a spatial aura create at astronomical heights and enjoy the company of your family and friends while busy viewing the scenic beauty.

5: Tranquilise in Exotic Wine Experiences

Wine tasters and travellers who have heard of gripping stories of vineyards can plan a visit to Lake Geneva. Besides the paddleboarding experience, this is the place offering travellers local wines brewed from Chasselas grapes. Taste a few locally popular wines like Merlot, Ticino; Pinot Noir, Valais and there are many more to explore.

6: Short trip to Nestle’s Callier Factory

Chocolate lovers have finally found the enlightening place to visit and taste the best chocolates in the world. Milk chocolates and the typical Swiss chocolates, this is the trip, which is never going to give you a laid back attitude. The factory will offer you one of the sweetest carry-home memories of your travel to Switzerland.

7: Ride on Bernina Express

Travellers are often bedazzled by the very authentic splendour of Switzerland, and Bernina Express gives you a glimpse of this panoramic beauty more closely than anything else. The glimpse of sparkling backdrop is captured inch by inch as the train moves gradually on the meandering pathways. The express train links Chur (or Davos) located in Switzerland to Poschiavo in Switzerland, and Tirano in Italy, travelling over the Swiss Engadin Alps.

Airlines operating flights to Switzerland

Switzerland is connected to the rest of the world with a network of international airlines that operate at regular intervals. A few top-notch airlines operating international flights in Switzerland include EasyJet Switzerland, Edelweiss Air, Helvetic Airways and Swiss International Air Lines. Look out for the best and fresh deals and find flights to Switzerland. Compare from wide price range available and book economised tickets when flying to and from Switzerland.


Cheapest flight routes to Switzerland

Switzerland has always topped the personal preferences of tourists from across the globe. The European land is nestled with many amazing hot destination spots and several of these spots are more than a maze. The cheapest flight routes to Switzerland from London, Birmingham and elsewhere in the UK are always open and functional around the year. The popular air routes usually taken from London to Switzerland comprises London Heathrow - Geneva, London Gatwick - Geneva, or London Luton - Geneva.

Flights to Geneva

Interested to travel to Geneva, which is known to be the focal point of international banking and political diplomacy. Districts such as Carouge are popular for their bohemian culture and delectable gastronomic instances. There are cheap flights to Switzerland from UK that also connect to Geneva. International airports operating in the UK like Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen etc. offer direct flights to Geneva.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Geneva 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Birmingham Geneva 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Manchester Geneva 2 Hours 00 Minutes
Glasgow Geneva 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Bristol Geneva 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Liverpool Geneva 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Flights to Zurich

Are you interested in exploring the coolest European cultures and biggest techno street party? Do you want to be living in the happiest city in the world? Book cheap flights to Zurich. It is also a fascinating centre for advanced research and development. There are cheap flights available from the UK to Zurich. International flight routes from Belfast International, Newcastle International, Glasgow, and Edinburg connect Zurich to the UK.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Zurich 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Birmingham Zurich 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Manchester Zurich 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Glasgow Zurich 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Bristol Zurich 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Liverpool Zurich 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Flights to Basel

Basel is an enthralling city that lives in the past and the present, big and small. The historic Munster, or the World War II relic, or Pharmazie-Historisches Museum der Universität Basel, and kinetic sculptures designed by Jean Tinguely, Basel is welcoming to all. Book your cheap flights to Switzerland from the UK. The popular air routes include Edinburgh to Basel, Glasgow to Basel, Belfast International to Basel, London to Basel and many more.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Basel 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Birmingham Basel 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Manchester Basel 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Glasgow Basel 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Bristol Basel 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Liverpool Basel 1 Hour 52 Minutes

Airports in Switzerland

Switzerland has state of art and very classy domestic and international airports. The business hub of Europe is served by seven international airports such as Zurich Airport, Geneva Airport, Basel Airport, Bern Airport, St Gallen Airport, Lugano Airport and Sion Airport. These international airports cater to the travel needs of over one million passengers globally each year. The airports in Switzerland provide high-frequency shopping, innovative eating arrangements, centralised security systems, creating amazing international travel experiences for the future. The airports receive cheap flights to Switzerland at all seasons. The airports also serve as ideal transits for Switzerland flights.

Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport turns out to be the biggest international airport in Switzerland and acts as the business nerve centre for Swiss International Air Lines. The international airport is addressing the concern for international air journeys of Zürich, which is the largest city in Switzerland.
 Geneva Airport
Unofficially addressed as the Cointrin Airport, the Geneva Airport is one of the busiest international airports in Switzerland, handling a whopping passenger traffic every year. The airport is serving as the key operating centre for Swiss International Airlines and EasyJet Switzerland. The airport is designed to cater to the interests of long haul and short-haul passengers. International long haul flights from China, North America and the Middle East enter and exit on daily basis.
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
The international airport enjoys a strategic location in the French Alsace region, aligning the administrative commune of Saint-Louis close to the regions bordering France, Germany, and Switzerland. This airport is looked after and managed by the administrative department of France and Switzerland. The international airport is serving as the principal hub for easyJet Switzerland and facilitates cheap flights to European metropolitan cities as well as leisure destinations.
Bern Airport
Bern Airport is settled on the regional aerodrome serving Bern, which is considered the de facto capital of Switzerland. The airport is capable of managing scheduled flights to European metropolitan areas as well as leisure destinations. Bern Airport has several types of touchdown areas such as the Grass Runaway, Heli-Square, Glider Area and the Paved Runaway.
St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport
St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport is the petite airport located in Altenrhein, closer to Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and quite near to Lake Constance. The airport is the hub for People's Airlines. The airport has a very confined passenger terminal, and its tarmac is suitable for smaller aircraft like Embraer 170, Cessna 172, Business jets etc. The airport does not receive cheap Switzerland flights from the UK or any other international destinations.
Sion Airport
The airport is located strategically in the Sion City, nestled within the stunning Rhone Valley. The airport was earlier used for Military purposes by the Swiss Air Force. Sion Airport lies in the vicinity of two international Airports, vis-à-vis - The Geneva Airport to its West and the Bern Airport to the North. In the present situation, the airport does not serve cheap flights from London.

Famous cities in Switzerland

Travellers visiting Switzerland are charmed by its terrific beauty and celestial landscape, comprising the rolling hills, verdant landscapes, delectable pastries, and fantabulous ski spots. The landlocked country is not only popular for its winter festivals but enticing cityscapes, manicured towns, and azure skies. Swiss cities like Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, and Basel are a few attractive cities that appear like a dream for travellers who are generally fascinated by the outlook of European cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Switzerland

March is the cheapest month to fly to Switzerland from London, UK. Check the deals with online travel agents.
Winter is the time when the flights to Switzerland from the UK are fewer, and this is primarily due to the occurrence of high-speed blizzards. Book your flight ticket anywhere between December and March, as, during these months, you can quickly avail of cheap flights to Switzerland.
On average, the direct flight to Switzerland is settled at 1 Hour and 44 Minutes.
On average, the flights on Tuesday at Midnight are the cheapest, and travellers can easily save around 6 to 10%. However, compare with reliable online travel agents before making the decision.
The flight to Switzerland from the cities in the UK may likely vary between £20 and £35, depending on whether the flight is last minute or a Direct Flight.

Best places to visit in Europe

The European landscape is replete with naive experiences that travellers may have never come across in their lives. The continent has antique and picturesque towns, opulent palaces, gorgeous landscapes, monolithic marvels and plenty of amazements that creates a magical aura. Apart from Switzerland, the new age travellers visiting Europe will be introduced to spots and destinations that cross the flux of time and existence.

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