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Austria is an enchanted, living dream. It is the gorgeous and bountiful landscape dotted by cascades of snow capped mountain peaks and historical landmarks. Immersed in a purely European character, Austria is popular for wonderful wine tours, beers, and indigenous cuisines. It is a nation where classic operas and sophisticated music play on the same note. There are unlimited tourist destination spots to stroll around, and travellers live some of the terrific moments of life. Widespread Austrian cities like Innsbruck, Graz, and Danube valley have emerged as successful commercial centres, while the towns such as Klagenfurt, Bregenz, Linz, etc., let the travellers pride themselves in dazzling moments of enjoyment, composure, and enrichment. The beauty of this country is further extolled by the scenic terrains; innocence and simplicity and the kind of behaviour outlined by the denizens towards the overseas travellers.

The Austrian neighbourhoods describe a subtle story of histrionics from the past besides aligning the fable incidents, and the latent events that have written down overwhelming stories. The extent of tourism in Austria is one of the contributing factors to quite a resourceful income. The country is also known for exotic holiday destinations and brings peace of mind besides settling for enjoying cherishing moments of life.

Vienna, the nerve centre of politics in Austria, is among the nine citadels that have earned overwhelming gain for religious relics, Roman Catholic churches, and romanticism. The sight of huge buildings and striking architectural setups is enough to tell the tale of interesting work culture, which is religiously followed by the proletariats. History has a different variety and form in Vienna. The longstanding and deep-rooted history of Austria appears in the form of castles and palaces as old as the 13th century. The brilliant buildings apart from remarkable visual history alternated by terrific architectural treasures, define this European country. In fact, the definition of being brilliant and terrific creates the impression quite similar to a celibate and graceful lady adorning the crown of the princess.

With renowned hotels like Schloss Monchstein, Hotel Stein, Goldener Hirsch, and many more, Salzburg presents overwhelming hospitality to the travellers. The well-furnished rooms and castle suits served by the delicacy of the home-grown foods will make the day. The typical Austrian cuisines comprise tasteful elements like cakes and pastries besides chocolate and Apricot jams. The taste of desserts is enhanced by the addition of apple strudel, sweet cherries, and poppy seed strudel.

Austria is loved and liked for its winter sports, and in this case, Innsbruck is put in a separate category completely. Penned down as the ski capital of Europe and the happening place for the winter Olympics, Innsbruck has some of the biggest moments to live by. Salzburg is a unique destination spot that has emerged as a saviour of tourists. Again Salzburg is classy and equally touristy doused in nature and beautified by nothing less than Baroque buildings.

The astounding Salzach River is a prime location for Mirabell Palace, which is embarked on variety, reality, and manicured garden beauty. Graz, the small quaint town with meandering narrow lanes settles on a different level altogether. The ornate courtyards speckled at different sites are enough to multiply the esoteric appeal. With awesome sights to explore, and history to believe in, Austria oozes out esteem and inherent natural aura. The exclusive cheap flights to Austria will offer travellers the chance to discover the European country from a different angle. Shop and compare flights to Austria for swindling through the getaways of life that are terrific, intuitive, and even more resounding in nature than anything else.

Places to Visit in Austria

The country of melodious charms and encompassed in the tumbling Alps, Austria is a fascinating dream bedecked inside euphoric scenic rural villages filled with grasslands. The rural and natural environment of Austria's outlandish scape can alleviate the restlessness of the mundane life of the traveller. The prolific imagination of the traveller becomes ripe here, as he becomes the living part of the insinuating roads, seeped deep inside the Tyrolean Alps. The ripened imagination lends a picturesque opportunity to the traveller to pacify his restlessness by changing from aloof the silent flow of the huge Danube River leading to the formation of magnanimous delta “Everglades”.

The Salzburg city has a beatific and infatuated touch lent by a refined system of Baroque buildings and churches. The infatuated dash gives an opportunity to travellers to discover medieval settings and latent symphonies and melodies. The choral music of the erstwhile classical era of Austrian firmament is dominated by intelligent symphony creators - Franz Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The melody-drenched travellers (one of the best sorts) will engage in a fine opportunity to live through these musical moments in classical and choral music, praising the Mozart and Haydn opuses from the Baroque concert halls.

The end is not here, for Austria is a kaleidoscope with myriad exploits that wait to meet the momentary applause of the travellers. Here are a few marvels places that travellers cannot afford to miss out on:

1: Bad Gastein - The City to Indulge in Sports and Spas

Bad Gastein is a city with big and small spa parlours and resorts, besides being the centre of winter sports. The Spa resorts have emerged from the nature-laying idea of hot water springs. The warmth of hot water is comparable to nothing less than the rejuvenating dream. Bad Gastein’s snowboarding events are worth a say. These events are set in frigid climes and seem to appeal as an all-time great ceremony.

2: Worthersee - Experience the Mirthful Atonement

The Austrian landscape is goofed nicely in natural phenomena like lakes and imposing mountains. The surroundings of Worthersee, and this also includes the lake region, are established in the South of the country at the base of the Gurktal Alps and the Karawanks’s massif mountain. The place is blessed with natural elements like warm waterfalls, lakeshores, generating vibes that help to reduce any kind of toxicities. The lakeside area has a cycling route; tourists can get a glimpse of the cool breeze of the lake while cycling along the shores.

3: Graz - History Exists in Its Present

Graz, once crowned as the ‘Cultural Citadel of Europa,’ a city encircled by fresh green farmstead; and lush forests. The city is situated in the country’s southeast. The city has a historic past; because of its position, it was ruled by several outside powers. While in present history exists as of old ancient building structures and museums. Apart from its old ancient vibe; the city has luxurious and fun nightlife. Graz is best known for its bars, pubs, and restaurants. The restaurants with comfortable atmosphere and soothing music, offer delectable delicacies of modern times.

4: Zillertal Alps - The Glaciated Adventure Spot Exploited to Maximum

Zillertal, located on the Central Eastern Alps, forms a significant part of trekking and abode for the hikers. The high altitude glaciation is quite a contributory factor in enhancing the beauty of this part of the cascading Alps. The cascading belt presents an enduring sight of beauty to the travellers. There are glaciers in the Alpine Divide like Stillupkees Glacier that has an admirable popularity for being the homonymous artificial lake. The travellers get awestruck by this freshwater ambiguity.

5: Innsbruck - The Town with an Appeal and Exoticism

Innsbruck is the city of mountains. It is bordered by high peaks and orchestrated by intrepid pathways that stagger up and down, and suddenly amble only to find the way to alluring and verdant plains. Innsbruck has a bucket full of places that would mesmerise the travellers to the hilt; the popular one is Tyrolean Folk Art Museum - enlisted as Europe’s heritage place. Discovering the splendid Golden Roof, or the antique Brutalist-style Ambrau Brewery is itself intriguing in many befitting ways.

6: Salzburg - The City of Beauty, Beethoven, and Music

Salzburg, the city of musicals and hotels is also the birthplace of the setting of classicism in music genres, created by the great Mozart. The city has a musical art museum that preserves all the records and creations of Mozart. Salzburg is the place of many magnificent antique buildings, like in old town - Aldsten buildings; designed in Baroque style. Owing to the specialty, the city is listed under UNESCO.

7: Wachau - The Esoteric Valley in the Backdrop of Vineyards and Scenic Tapestries

Situated in the vicinity of the Danube region, the Wachau valley is adorned with green meadows and picture-perfect landscapes. Wachau valley has a huge number of wine farms, producing a good quality of exotic wines. Due to the vineyards and influence from the Pannonian climate, Wachau has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in Austria.

Things to Do in Austria

Austria is located in the southern part of Europe; the land has a royal historic background and is encircled by the Alps. Travellers will get delighted by its charismatic cultural vibe, portrayed with heritage inheritance and heavenly beautiful natural scenery. Austria has a lot of epic things to explore, ranging from the snowy and stony Alps to long floating rivers and lakes. One is bound to get lost in this dreary, yet activated dreamland. Book flights to Austria and treat the human body and mind with the godly hot spring water or fly through the white snowy Alps with ski jumping. If one is crazy about food, or loves to experiment with taste-buds, plan a trip to Austria, taste its classical food cuisines and other various food items. Here is the list of some popular activities in Austria:

1: Mayrhofen - Treat Your Innate Adventurism

Mayrhofen town is best known for summer and wintertime sports like; ski jumping, mountain bike riding, and paragliding. This town is situated close to the Hintertux glacier, the area is fully covered with snow and used for ski jumping and mountain biking. The euphonic limelight out here is the music festival, which is held in April. People from various places come to unwind themselves to the creation of music and live in the frigid mountainous blizzards.

2: Admont Abbey Library - The Place Enlightened with Wisdom

The library is well known for its augury and excellent architecture and holds a vast amount of abbey collections. This is the prime Abbey library in the world. The structure is built by Joseph Hueber in 1776, and is an embodiment of incredibly brilliant ideas. The inside of the building is painted by unique gold and white artwork and it replicates the light through the airy windows, which make a divine atmosphere. Book flights to Austria to visit and experience more unseen things.

3: Hohe Tauern National Park - Balanced in the Nature’s Ecotone

The Hohe Tauern is a Grand National park and the 7th biggest in Austria. Mother Nature is spreading her wings across three states - Tyrol, Carinthia, and Salzburgerland, and there she enters into convulsions before seeping everything into her soul for eternity. Glaciers, gushing waterfalls, or fascinating trails like Krimmler, Gamsgrubenweg, etc. render whopping opportunities to the adventure-seeking travellers to meander through the scenic ravines. Hohe Tauern National Park is the connecting point of Heaven and the Earth and at this connecting point there is the cleansing of the soul and body.

4: Hallstatt - The Village on a Postcard, Amalgamated in History of Revolution

Hallstatt is a hamlet created in Austria, out of historic evolution. The hamlet is known for salt mining, dating to the early Neolithic period of the 19th century. The salt mined out of this region had the richness of organic elements like textiles, wood, etc. In its existing times, the travellers avail the fulsome opportunity to know of the artefacts portrayed as relics like iron and bronze swords, in a highly preserved state in the museums.

5: Zentralfriedhof - The Graveyard Uniting Humanity and Incidents

Zentralfriedhof is an ancient cemetery positioned in Vienna, and is popular among the travelling clan - as Vienna Central Cemetery. The most interesting spot out here is, The Zentralfriedhof graveyard, where religious beliefs of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Russian, etc. are confined and such confinement reveals the ultimate truth - The Death. Imagine a place where thousands of deaths devastated religious conflicts! Zentralfriedhof is the resting place of corpses and the convergence of religious sects. Although earlier, during the dark ages, it has been attacked by the Nazi power and reconstructed, and more recently, the place has become a major tourist spot for travellers.

6: The Grossglockner - The ‘FUN’ Point for Peeking Travellers

Grossglockner is the highest peak mountain in the Alps, covered with heavy glaciers. This place is the most popular for an expedition. The shape of the mountain is like a pyramid, and from the experience of the adventurer, it can be compared to the other Alps. For its unique outward wavy adumbration and the magnificent beauty, this mountain is the most visited place for tourists and discoverers.

7: The Krimmler Ache - Explore the Hidden Beauty

Krimmler Ache is a river that gave birth to the most majestic cascades. It has a village nuzzled within the garb of the Alps. The village leads travellers to several hiking routes including the Krimmler Ache. Out here, one could imagine himself descending down the woods; treading on the hard stony path; and simultaneously experiencing the gushing water. The water makes roaring sounds through the rough terrains as it flows down the stream. Ultimately, Krimmler Ache is where the travellers will be lost in the divine world.

Airlines operating flights to Austria

A number of several renowned airlines function on regular flights to Austria. Finest airline haulers like KLM, British Airways are offering direct scheduled flights along with awesome passenger comfort. Popular international airlines provide cheap flights to Austria with meticulous service exclusively for executives, and there is always a better chance of making points. Compare the best international flight options in addition to the advantage of completing the journey in time.


Cheapest flight routes to Austria

Austria is a reputable destination of Europe; a fabulous country replete with art and cultural legacy. Nature here spells magnificence, beauty, and panorama, which is irresistible. The cheapest flight routes from different cities in the UK connect to promising Austrian cities like Vienna, Salzburg; and it is where the premium international airlines make the headway. These international flight routes create memories and make the journeys exceptionally enthralling.

Flights to Vienna

Vienna is the city of melody, and with her every gesture, she melts the royalty through an authentic appearance manifested in the subtle building structures and art museums. Its poetic beauty and animated landscapes embrace the travellers with open arms. With cheap flights to Austria from UK, Birmingham, Heathrow, Newcastle; travellers will choose the best places to visit. According to perception, traveller’s fascination will come true while visiting this sparkling city.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Vienna 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Birmingham Vienna 4 Hours 20 Minutes
Manchester Vienna 8 Hours 10 Minutes
Glasgow Vienna 4 Hours 25 Minutes
Bristol Vienna 14 Hours 50 Minutes
Liverpool Vienna 8 Hours 25 Minutes

Flights to Salzburg

The city carries the documents of royal historic essence reflected as Baroque architecture, and with plenty of medieval churches and museums, Salzburg has well preserved its heritage. In the year 1996, the city got its name listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site. Direct flights routed to Salzburg from incredible cities of the UK, vis-à-vis Edinburgh, Heathrow, and Stansted, give the opportunity to the travellers to discover the unexplored beauty of Salzburg.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Salzburg 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Birmingham Salzburg 6 Hours 30 Minutes
Manchester Salzburg 6 Hours 35 Minutes
Glasgow Salzburg 6 Hours 15 Minutes
Bristol Salzburg 5 Hours 25 Minutes
Liverpool Salzburg 6 Hours 15 Minutes

Flights to Innsbruck

Nature is the key to reducing all chaos from one’s mind, Innsbruck is the pill of happiness surrounded by the Alps. From its core, the lakes float and manifest as guides to the eternal serene beauty of nature. Travellers will experience the reeling beauty with flight routes designed to fly to Innsbruck from the UK’s cities like Bristol, Liverpool, and London.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Innsbruck 5 Hours 20 Minutes
Birmingham Innsbruck 3 Hours 55 Minutes
Manchester Innsbruck 5 Hours 35 Minutes
Glasgow Innsbruck 6 Hours 20 Minutes
Bristol Innsbruck 10 Hours 45 Minutes
Liverpool Innsbruck 10 Hours 50 Minutes

Airports in Austria

Austria is the principal tourist attraction that emanates from the heart-throbbing cultural exposition, antique art forms, hospitality, in addition to the innovative airport structures. Airports of Austria are designed by utilising the best technological formation; creating huge runways, and easily accessible terminals without hackles. Almost all major airports of Austria across the different states, provide impeccable services with well-maintained security procedures in place. The cities that are popular for offbeat airport services include Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, etc.

Vienna International Airport
Vienna International Airport is used primarily for commercial purposes. Earlier, this international airport was used for military operations, however, with the flux of time, it is transformed into the biggest civilian airport. Apart from European destinations, it has regular flights to North America, Asia, and Africa. The airport has a total of four terminals, allowing easy flow of traffic.
 Salzburg Airport
Salzburg Airport is the second biggest and most beautiful international airport in Austria. The beauty of this airport is enhanced by its vigorous Ski ranges, and suave outlook. The airport has a total of two passenger terminals and ten gateways that are used for domestic as well as the Non-Salzburg destinations. Besides, the four boarding gates of Salzburg Airport are used for checking the skiing tools.
Innsbruck Airport
The major international airport in Western Austria, Innsbruck Airport is nestled within the Alps area. The airport has a dicey ambience because of the high force mountainous winds and haphazardly changing wind directions. Inspite of the vigorous environs and landscapes, the international airport supports high traffic volume. Innsbruck Airport is the best place to book medium-haul flights to international destinations nearby.

Famous cities in Austria

Austria is fraught with several medieval churches, musicals, renaissance, on the tapestry of classical metaphors. Apart from the cities like Innsbruck and Graz, there are several other fascinating cities carved in the modern overtones, and a few of these include Klagenfurt, Linz, and Bregenz. The cities inherit moments of antiquities like music museums, open-air sculpture museums, and modernism. Visit the unique and exotic cities with open-minded views and feel the enigmatic splendour.

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Generally, the cheapest month to fly to Austria is January. Depending on the physical and environmental changes, the economised months to fly to Austria from the UK are likely to change.
Travel is a seasonal activity, and generally, it depends on the traveller’s preference among other things. The ideal season for flights to Austria is winter, usually between the months of January and February.
The middle of summer, especially June and July, is considered the off-season for booking flights to Austria from UK. It is significant that you check with the online travel agent for the preciseness of the off-seasons.
On an approximation, it will take two hours and fifteen minutes to reach Austria from the UK. This flight time can change depending on climatic factors, as well as the weather conditions.
The cost of a flight ticket from Gatwick International Airport, London to Vienna International Airport, Austria varies from £400 per person to £450 per person. Make sure you check the cost after comparing it with an authentic travel aggregator.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is a bucket full of places with natural charisma and astounding magical appeal. The continent presents a rich cultural floccule mixed in the streak of histrionics. Europe maintains its legacy and modernity in a very balanced way and this is clearly visible in its streets. Besides Austria, there are many enticing countries in Europe where travellers from the far West and the East are captivated and absorbed eternally.

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