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The Netherlands is a country, lying half on the lap of the sea. Trying to recover from the waves of the North Sea, it's located as a nation in Northeast Europe. This country with the sea and low land is the convergence of three European rivers such as the Rhine, Maas or Meuse, and Schelde. The Netherlands is also known as Holland, it came from the word Houtland means wooded land. This place is mainly low land; Netherlands flights have flexible flight timings and the cheapest ticket prices. If you are planning a trip to Netherlands, the peak season is the tulip season. Tulip season starts from April to mid-May and also during the school holidays. Are you considering yourself a festive person! Netherlands will welcome you to their ultimate festival, which is held in June, it is a six days diverse carnival with live music and a street festival. The best season to go to the Netherlands is June or between September and November. Flights to the Netherlands are mostly cheap in October, if you are planning a trip to the Netherlands the best time is three to four months before the trip.

Netherlands has a mottled culture; it has provincial diversity with foreign impacts accrued periods by the Dutch commons, money making tentative essence. The Netherlands and its society are the centers of ethnic acceptance and open-mindedness. Though the country is renowned for the Dutch-revival exquisiteness of Amsterdam, travelers will find paved lanes crammed among attractive wobbly villas and null, besides the gradual flowing of the vessels. Imagine spending days in the Netherlands, imprinting your story on the dingy walls of every street and place, exploring the Dutch and Netherlands ethnicity riding a bicycle. Bicycles are also called the Netherlands icon, well Amsterdam is not the only city to amuse you, the Netherlands has more to offer you, there are numerous amusements waiting such as the modern and advanced horizon.

Netherlands is the most happening place for food lovers, exploring food items is your passion then you must plan the trip. Here its Dutch influence, travelers get the mouth licking test. Some of the best foods available for satiating your taste buds are pancakes, sate, applecart. Since the Dutch influence, pancakes have become the loving food; whilst Pannenkoeken is an old-style pancake famous in the whole world. There are regular and scheduled flights to Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and many other destination spots? You will have options for booking a cheap flight ticket to Netherlands. If you are less concerned about the weather, book your flight to the Netherlands. Pack your bag, leave all the worries behind and get ready to experience Netherlands seaside chilling weather. Feel the pleasure of being in the most gorgeous European landscape created by the god.

Places to Visit in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with diversity, a low land with ethnicity. A country with a post office, where you can relive the past accumulated in the sense of nostalgia. Like many other cities, Amsterdam is also synonymous and goes with the tone of a dream city that has beauty and a poetic expression. The city’s landscape is dotted with a few of the greatest art museums that will only enrich the traveller. DAF Museum, Van Gogh Museum, National Park de Meinweg, Rotterdam zoo, Zaanse Schans, etc. are a few of the best places to get around in the Netherlands.

1: Amsterdam - The Haute Couture of Europe

Amsterdam is the young, fashionable city of Netherlands. Amsterdam is a dream place for every travel blogger or social media bee. This city has magnetism and a noticeable vibe, everyone is crazy about Amsterdam’s nightlife. Amsterdam’s cityscape was built with 17-century appealing flagstone boulevards. Travellers who have never been to Amsterdam, don’t miss to witness the utmost renowned attractions. Once the travellers satisfy with all these places, don’t let rest your mind go for time winding from place to place the waterways and relax with a nice craft coffee or craft beer at one of the delightful bars, cafeteria to take up the relaxed essence. You miss everything if you miss the nightlife in Amsterdam. The night is ever young like a teenage girl here, disco lovers and music lovers should visit the club NYX.

2: Oude Haven Rotterdam - Spend Quality Time in Serene Climes

Rotterdam is a harbour city, it takes over a one-hour train journey from Amsterdam. This place is a valued visit plus a time visiting option. Visitors will find a well preserved old harbour. Oude haven means old harbour. If you are fond of walking by the roads and observing things in your own way, this place is the right choice indeed.

3: Van Gogh Museum - The Museum dedicated to Century’s Art Intellect

Van Gogh Museum is situated in Amsterdam, its second-best art Museum in the world. This museum has Van Gogh’s best painting collections, most of which are contributed by Van Gogh’s family members, including 200 paintings, 500 sketches, 700 letters. If you are fascinated by art, especially by the great Van Gogh, this place is appropriate and worthwhile to visit.

4: The Hogue - New Age Charm Speckled in the Old World Architecture

Amsterdam is the Dutch capital, while The Hogue is acclaimed as the key centre of the Dutch. This city has a modern environment, where guests relish the city’s old charm and grounded culture. This city is also known for its nightlife but there is even more with the old cityscape and grounded culture.

5: Cathedral Square Utrecht - Seat of Religious Architectures

Utrecht the city of Netherlands, is known for its many exceptional antique assemblies. This city should unquestionably be included on your Netherlands trips journey, this place has some ancient churches. The churches were built between 14 to 15 centuries, this place was particularly created in 1254. Travelers will find the old essence and unknown history here.

6: Historic Valkenburg - History has Its Day Here

Valkenburg is the place for history lovers, Netherlands has much old-fashioned magnetism for anybody concerned or believing in wisdom more about the ancient. This place is situated in the scenic Geul Valley, this is the main place of the country’s only top-of-the-hill fort. This has been a place for a renowned vacation spot for frequent grottos and spa lounges.

7: The Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery - Citadel of Paintings and Art Galleries

This royal picture gallery has the maximum precious paintings from the Dutch unique phase. This place is situated in the city center, this city has some masterwork like Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Goldfinch, etc.

Things to Do in Netherlands

The Netherlands, a country with Dutch and various cultures has influenced this city. This country is Europe’s most enthralling and dreamingly country. Amsterdam is the weird, conventional capital of the Netherlands. This country’s landscape will take the traveller’s mind to childhood, the paintings that most of us often think of or draw in notebooks. The city called Rotterdam is one of the most advanced architect cities, as well as The Hague. The Netherlands can be an enriching full and super refreshing trip for its small size and low land structure. You can travel the whole country within a very short time. The bicycle ride is one of the most common and fun activities in the country, especially in Amsterdam. Travellers imagine themselves on a bicycling tour to this amazingly relaxing nomads’ low land.

1: Visit the dreamy mysterious canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and scintillating city of Netherlands, the city with its eccentric and modern vibe. Amsterdam has moreover 165 canals; it’s the main charm in the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam. Through these mysterious canals, you can find some unexpected routes, regions by taking a trip in a water taxi! If you are planning to come here in winter and the weather is also in its high mood you can even try ice-skating on the waterways. The most renowned water canals are Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and single.

2: Relive the avid historian in you at Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is an open-air museum, situated on the north side of Amsterdam. This place is especially for history enthusiasts, here you will find an Old Dutch township, where you find much interesting knowledge about the Netherlands culture and how the Netherlands was often called Holland. You will know how the Dutch-influenced Netherlands folk culture.

3: Hoge Veluwe National Park destination for a wildlife photographer

Travel brings the most adventure’s sight of a human being, just the way all the countries and territory are discovered. Travel not just to see a new place but also to know and understand the wildlife nature. If you are an open-air aficionado, Hoge Veluwe National Park is the perfect destination. The showstopper in this park is the sculpture park and the splendid sandbanks.

4: Pamper the adventurer’s self at Efteling

Adventure lovers in the Netherlands will witness some bizarre yet interesting explorations of Efteling and Kaatsheuvel. Life feels different at Efteling and Kaatsheuvel, which are known to be the biggest enjoyment parks. The parks have been subdivided into two places across different regions. This place has breathtaking rides like Joris en de Draak, George etc. All the adventure lovers don’t wait for life’s scary adventures, go for the fun and pleasurable ones.

5: Maastricht is the dream place for shopaholics

Travel is incomplete without shopping, shopping is not always about clothing or jewelry. Shopping means bringing memories or belongings from that place. Maastricht is especially known as Europe’s fashion city, it has a huge market for that. You can find various things here with amazing collections and quality, and buy many things with different aspects. The place also fulfills every requirement regarding market and tourist satisfaction. Stationsstraat flea market, Quarter wyck, Bredestraat.

6: Visit Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam is one of the advanced cities of the Netherlands. The place is special for wildlife study people and children. Europe’s second-largest zoo in Rotterdam, this place has consumed over different species of animals, you will fall in love with these amazing creatures in such a soothing environment. Each and every creature has its own lodging with enough space, followed-on by animal-ecosystem synchronization.

7: Visit historic windmills at Kinderdijk

The Netherlands is all about canals and windmills. Kinderdijk is one of the old and heritage sides of the Netherlands. This city is situated between two other cities called Rotterdam and Dordrecht, here you can find almost seven heritage 18-century windmills.

Airlines operating flights to Netherlands

The major airlines that fly to Netherlands on a daily basis are EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian, British Airways, and Monarch. The ticket prices to Netherland from British Airways are reasonable enough to afford. Traveller will benefit from free service, and there is an option to get points. The customer services are smooth, which allows the travellers to travel in comfort, convenience, and without any hassles.


Cheapest flight routes to Netherlands

International airlines deliver direct flights from the UK to the Netherlands and its other cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven. Netherlands international flights have the best route which can fly to the destination without consuming much time and cost. People love to travel, and if travel can be fast at a low cost, then it’s going to be a dreamy tour. Book your flight to Netherlands and have the best trip ever.

Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the Netherlands, known for its nightlife and landscape like a dream. Every traveler’s hotspot in Amsterdam has an open-minded crowd and water canals. You will go lost in this city’s beauty and fashionable approach. The Netherlands has some major airports such as Airport Schiphol (AMS) Eindhoven Airport (EIN) Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM).

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Amsterdam 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Birmingham Amsterdam 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Manchester Amsterdam 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Glasgow Amsterdam 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Bristol Amsterdam 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Liverpool Amsterdam 3 Hours 10 Minutes

Flights to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is best known for its art, culture, and historic background. This city is mainly a harbor city, it has the best airport in Netherlands called Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM). Travel to Rotterdam and visit the best places. Flights to Rotterdam are not just the cheapest route but also provide its passengers with the best quality customer care.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Rotterdam 5 Hours 10 Minutes
Birmingham Rotterdam 7 Hours 45 Minutes
Manchester Rotterdam 8 Hours 45 Minutes
Glasgow Rotterdam 9 Hours 20 Minutes
Bristol Rotterdam 8 Hours 40 Minutes
Liverpool Rotterdam 9 Hours 30 Minutes

Flights to Eindhoven

Visit Eindhoven from London on an international flight and within the budget. Eindhoven is best known for the Van Gogh Museum, where you find some of the fine paintings by Van Gogh. In this museum, all the paintings you will see are contributed by his family members. People with an eye and mind of arts must visit this place.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Eindhoven 1 Hour 05 Minutes
Birmingham Eindhoven 5 Hours 35 Minutes
Manchester Eindhoven 5 Hours 30 Minutes
Glasgow Eindhoven 4 Hours 45 Minutes
Bristol Eindhoven 6 Hours 35 Minutes
Liverpool Eindhoven 9 Hours 45 Minutes

Airports in Netherlands

Netherlands, the city of the Dutch, is known for its mixed cultures and languages. Also known as an updated modern country, a petite country, Netherlands boasts of some of the best-equipped airports. Top three airports of Netherlands are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) Eindhoven Airport (EIN) Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM).

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
One of the most important, leading airports in Netherlands is Schiphol, this airport is the fullest airport in Netherlands, the seventh busiest in Europe. This airport is located on the borders of Haarlem, when you land at this airport you will find the Dutch railways (NS) from which you can travel to Amsterdam central station in a short time.
 Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven airport serves as the center for a quantity of low-price and European low-loaders. It’s situated in North Brabant, this airport also connects NS rail and Hermes bus-stand. The connection from Eindhoven airport to other transport is way smoother than AMS.
Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the third-largest airport in Netherlands; this airport receives one million visitors every year. Most passengers they attend are seven low-cost transporters. Rotterdam is one and only airport in Randstad.

Famous cities in Netherlands

The Netherlands is among the petite nations that offer plenty of good reasons to the travellers to visit and exploit the places. The extensive rail and road networks operating in the Netherlands allow free and easy movement. A few of the popular cities in the Netherlands that hold an exceptional place in the traveller’s diaries include Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Haarlem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Netherlands

In general, the cheapest month to fly to Netherlands is March. Depending on the situation, international airlines can also offer the cheapest flights in other months as well.
The best time or the ideal season for catching a flight to Netherlands is between the middle of April through the middle of October. In fact, the middle of April to the middle of May is the ideal time for travelers to visit the Netherlands as during this time the bulbs of Keukenhof or Tulips are blooming.
Usually, the month of January is considered to be the lowest season to fly to Netherlands. During this time, the weather is extremely harsh, and most importantly traveling comes to a standstill.
The known quickest direct flight from London to Netherlands is 1 hour 5 minutes. The flight from Manchester and Birmingham to the Netherlands is almost 1h 15m, while the flight from Bristol to the Netherlands is approximately 1 Hour and 20 Minutes. The flight from Edinburgh to the Netherlands is approximately 1 Hour 15 Minutes.
The cheapest fly time from London to the Netherlands is the early morning hours. In the general sense, flights are usually cheaper at the midnights during Monday through Wednesday.
The flight to the Netherlands from the UK is approximately £157. There are also other cheap flight options available on flights to Netherlands.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is a beautiful conundrum and this exquisite beauty is charmed with numerous facets, many of which are odd and under-explored. It has some of the best amusements, and adventure spots and a few of these are better and more unique than the Netherlands.

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