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Planning an unforgettable holiday and living in some of the entertaining moments in Italy is not far away from the point where the travellers feel that they are spoiling the imagination to its ultimate point. Italian landscape presents a wide angle view of stunning locales and grand architectures. The landscape of Italy and its anointed skyline is enriched by cultural diversification, gorgeous beauty and the hyped melodrama prevalent in the highly sociable society.

Situated strategically in south of Europe, Italy the European country holds under her garb the remarkable alpine ranges, unspoiled beaches, good-looking lakes and verdant green national parks. These sightings show a variety and attract the travellers to spend quality time in Italy. Travellers can quickly avail memorable vacations by booking cheap flights to Italy. Prospects for cheap beach holidays also galore in Sicily, with Mondello and Taormina offering the stunning and budget friendly seaside destinations. And travellers who are aggressively searching for destination spots with lakeside tranquility, Italy presents a delightful surprise. The landscape of this European country dots with magnificent fresh water bodies like Lake Garda and the Lake Como, which are embraced by chestnut forests. Holidaying in the dense wilderness of Sardinia and Puglia is another unique experience to the travellers. The national parks situated in these regions maintain diversified and widespread flora and fauna. The sightings of these parks appeal to the sight of the travellers.

Travellers who are motivated by the idea to know of the European history, Italy is the appropriate place for it. The country has grand museums constructed by applying the ancient building concepts, and travellers will find themselves as if they are travelling back in time. Palermo located in Sicily is gifted with ultimately divine richness, which was the result of renaissance movements that happened in history, arts and the music.

Furthermore, churches, palaces and official buildings constructed out of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque make the city landscape appear too much godly and celestial. The tint of modernity touched my by vibrant nightlife and music reshapes Italy into one of its own kind, diversified from the ultra-modern western lifestyle. Falling for the Italian cuisine give international travellers a closeness to gastronomical experience, which is within the budget. The exceptionally teasing assortment of pizzas, lasagnas and pastas bring moments of ambrosia.

Click2Book offers cheap Italy flights and several other budget friendly options for travelling to Italy and Europe. Booking cheap flights to Italy from UK will welcome the travellers with diversified experiences that are hard to come across. Tourism in Italy is extraordinary and much of sophistication is added by terrific Italian Villas available for the rent all through the season.

Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is home to gorgeous wonders and spruced up landscapes with warm climate and speckled by crystal clear blue waters of Mediterranean Sea and the devastating outlook gifted out of snow-capped mountains of the majestic Italian Alps. It was the Italian landscape that became the starting point of great Roman Empire. The undulating Tuscany Mountains besides the canaled boulevards of Venice will make travellers fall for this wonderful country. The country has been the centre of discussion for giving rise to many renaissance artists, poets, musicians, historians and many stalwarts of the old and the new worlds. Travelling to Italy is a choice that travellers can make out of their free time. The prominent attractions of Italy are:

1: Rome - The Seat of Roman Power and Site of Old Christian Faiths

The city’s capital should be explored for its diversification and transformation. The city was once a great activity centre of Romans. The celebrated Colosseum used to be gladiator’s arena. Pantheon, the place of worship in the Pre-Christian Roman territory of rule has become the place of Christian faith. Rome was also the central order of Pope besides being the known site of Sistine Chapel and Michelango's attractive ceiling.

2: Tuscany Region - Meandering Hills and the Nature’s Awesome Beauty

The entire landscape of Tuscany is dotted with rolling hills that create natural beauty letting the travellers to seep into it. The rich history alongside the spots of ancient wineries have brought Tuscany Region much deserved fame. The city of Pisa falling in Tuscany is popular for the grand leaning tower of Pisa. Travellers are delighted by architectural beauty, historic streets and traditionally styled shops. The city of Florence is a predominating tourist attraction with streets marked in cobblestone.

3: Pompei - Huge Outdoor Museum out of Mt. Vesuvius Eruption

This ancient city in Southern Italy had been once dumped under the lava of Mt. Vesuvius. The complete city became a burial ground, until its excavation. The city was preserved in time and the inhabitants were also frozen for many years. Off late, the city has become a popular tourist attraction and travellers from different parts of Italy and the world often visit here to numb their exiting imaginations for a while.

4: Naples - The City with Preserved Medievalism and Outstanding Beauty

Naples is a large and full blown city in Italy, with borders touching Pompei. The amazing city is popular for fascinating medieval castles, museums, attractive parks, and the biggest existing roman architectural museum. The museum has sanctified precious artefacts from Pompei and other nearby sites. Travellers will also be attracted by sites like the Royal Palace, pizzas, and stunning restaurants.

5: Venice - Eco-friendly and Completely Car Free City of Europe

Venice is listed among the thought-provoking cities that travellers do not miss out on their tour of the Europe. The subtle network of lagoon and the canals mark Venice’ landscape. The Gondola ride travelling down the stream along Grand Canal gives an incredible experience for travellers. The city also provides a romantic atmosphere to the love smitten souls. This pedestrian friendly city lives in eco-tourism.

6: Florence - The Beginning of Renaissance in Arts

Florence is the representation of Italian Renaissance, and for this special reason, it seems to appear as a living grand museum. Architectures like the Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore serve as the landmark of world architecture, which is covered over by gigantic dome- defying gravity from every logic. Standing in the backdrop of the Azure skyline of Florence are no less than a dozen art museums overflowing with paintings and sculpture. Similarly, many masterpieces beautify churches and palaces of the city of Florence as well.

7: Milan - The Citadel of Modern and Ancient Arts and Architecture in Europe

Milan is the key entry and exit gateway to Italy where lies arts and the artistic attractions. It is also the city that is brimming with haute couture and offering the world with immense range of textile designing. Milan is the work place for prominent European luminaries from various fields of activities. The names include Michelangelo, Enrico Caruso, Toscanini, Leonardo da Vinci, Verdi, and Giorgio Armani.

Things to Do in Italy

Italy is replete with activities, events and festivals and all of these give unique experiences that give special dimensions to travelling. Skiing out there in the Dolomites, or offering yourself for a moonlit ride on the Gondola canal, boating, or hiking the trail, a traveller always has plenty of activities to indulge in. With flights to Italy from UK, travellers have much to familiarise and gain from beautiful country of Italy.

1: Trudge the Cinque Terre

Travellers visiting Italy may plan on the idea of trailing Cinque Terre and live through the remarkable views, charming villages, sprawling landscapes and indigenous experiences. The physical stamina is put to extreme test out here. Treading on Italy’s five towns of Cinque Terre and the cliff path that connects the Terre, is simply mind blowing.

2: Slither through Venice in a Gondola Canal

Gondola in Venice renders you a super great drift starting from the Grand Canal along the Doge’s Palace and near to the Rialto Bridge. Travellers can select the day and time of riding the Gondola. After the Dark sets in, travellers are mesmerised by the sight of lights from the canal-side rating shops as well as Grand Canal palaces to fall on the water.

3: Biking on Tuscany Trail

Tuscany's scenic hilly sight is the best leisure time that is enjoyed by the travellers visiting Italy all through the year. The landscape along the countryside has tiny settlements, which also fascinate the tourists. Biking on the trails give travellers plenty of time to look around for pastoral life along with unlimited excitement. Guided and liberated cycling tours will test the endurance levels to the maximum, but lend a thrilling motivation to welcome challenges in life.

4: Try Hands at Cooking Pasta in Florence

Everyone knows Pasta is the premium cuisine of Italy, and relishing in it is just the experience, which is mesmerising on all levels. If you want to learn the sophisticated art of cooking Pasta, there are several areas in Florence that offer cooking classes. These classes are run by cuisine experts. Get transferred to the traditional Tuscan farm located in the hills of Chianti and gain customised cooking experience like gluten-free, organic and even the elite vegetarian Italian cooking.

5: Book a Ticket to Opera Performance in Verona's Roman Arena

The 3rd century’s Verona's Roman Arena is famous for musical opera performances. The night performances open up at La Scala. Besides, the travellers can also participate in the Verona Opera Festival, organised each year in the months of July and August. The events of summer music show remarkable resemblance to Salzburg and Bayreuth festivals. The music of Opera performance can be heard from the terrace of Hotel Milano as well.

6: Take the Steps in Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum in Rome is indeed one of the ancient depictions in Rome, created through the dark tunnels. Furthermore, the recently opened underground areas provide the travellers with an opportunity to undertake detailed tours. Travellers who are interested in knowing about ancient Rome and its practices, special two-hour tutorials on the art of wielding swords are organised by Historic Group of Rome.

7: Boat Tour of the Lake Como in Bellagio

Como is the most stunning lake, encircled by high rising mountains and dotted with dense forests. In these forests lie nestled the petite hamlets and towns along with wonderful villas. Travellers can also plan for a customised tours by selecting the routes that pass through several towns and get engrossed within regularly transforming panorama created from the sight of pastel hamlets.

Airlines operating flights to Italy

easyJet, British Airways, Alitalia, Ryanair are a few international airlines with operational basis in the UK that fly regular flights to Italy. The flights from these airlines are offering cheap flights and offer discounted deals on the flights.


Cheapest flight routes to Italy

Cheap flight routes are operated by British Airways, Thomson,, and many other international airlines on regular basis from London, Heathrow, and Birmingham etc. There are low cost flights available at the online travel agencies, and you have to shop and compare the right options. Avail the discounted deals from thousands of deals on the flights at Click2Book.

Flights to Rome

Rome is a fascinating city providing wide range of sightseeing and entertainment all through the year. The cheap flights to Rome is a convenient means to discover Rome and exploit everything, giving travellers a unique way of relaxation. Tourism in Rome is a great way to shop around for food, explore the culture and make a great indulgence altogether.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Rome 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Birmingham Rome 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Manchester Rome 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Glasgow Rome 3 Hours 10 Minutes
Bristol Rome 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Liverpool Rome 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Flights to Venice

Venice is a famous destination where the tourists not only travel but meet the excitement head on. Discovering Venice tourism, and relishing in super class hotels in a relaxed atmosphere is something that goes beyond the limits. With cheap flights to Venice, travellers feel connected to the place.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Venice 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Birmingham Venice 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Manchester Venice 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Glasgow Venice 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Bristol Venice 2 hours 15 Minutes
Liverpool Venice 2 hours 06 Minutes

Flights to Milan

The Italian city of Milan is a popular tourist destination holding the exquisiteness of art and culture. Click2Book is the reliable online marketplace offering great flexibility and cheap flights besides a terrific inflight experience. Shop and compare the best deals on the cheap flights to Milan.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Milan 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Birmingham Milan 2 Hours 00 Minutes
Manchester Milan 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Glasgow Milan 2 hours 11 Minutes
Bristol Milan 2 Hours 01 Minutes
Liverpool Milan 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Airports in Italy

The experience of flying to Italy is not overwhelming but completely overindulgent. The European country has gained popularity for Romanticism, Renaissance and Gothic Architecture and transformed arts and architecture in number of ways. Italian airports have an enriching atmosphere. The flights to Italy from UK consistently touch the tarmac. The airports are also technologically advanced and competitive, designed to meet domestic and international flights. The top airports operational in Italy are:

Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
The international airport is strategically situated in Rome, Italy and the busiest in Italy. The airport has 11th busiest airport if passenger traffic is to be taken into account. The airport has served as principal hub for Alitalia once upon of time. The airport is key international hub for ITA Airways.
 Milan Malpensa Airport
The biggest international airport falling in the Milan metropolitan area, located in North Italy. The airport has constitutes terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) as well as two fully functional runways besides an enthusiastic cargo terminal. Milan Malpensa Airport is the 2nd busy international airport in terms of the traffic, and 20th busy airport in Europe.
Orio al Serio International Airport
The airport is branded in the form of Milan Bergamo Airport situated in the municipal territory of Orio al Serio, precisely on the Southeast of Bergamo in Italy. It is known to be the 3rd high traffic international airport serving Italy. The international airport ensures commendable services to Europe and countries outside Europe.
Catania–Fontanarossa Airport
The airport serves high traffic air route and is known to be Italy’s 4th busiest airport. The international airport takes the name after opera composer Vincenzo Bellini, who has the birth in Catania. Alitalia, Lufthansa and KLM are a few of international airlines that is served at Catania–Fontanarossa Airport. The international airport also connects to European destinations such as Rome, Munich, Amsterdam and Berlin.
Venice Marco Polo Airport
The international airport located in beautiful city of Venice in Italy, in the vicinity of hamlet of Tessera, a Frazione of the commune of Venice. The airport takes its name after Marco Polo and serves as a base for Volotea and easyJet. It is known to be the 4th busiest airport operational in Italy.
Naples International Airport
The international airport in Naples is designed with state of the art infrastructure, and serves Campania and Naples. It is the 5th busiest international airport of Italy. Naples International Airport is serving the operational base for easyJet, Ryanair, Volotea and Wizzair respectively.

Famous cities in Italy

Tourists and all genres of travellers have accepted the fact that Italy is an eternal land, popular for the amazing petite towns, beautiful cities, long and pristine coastlines. The sight of renaissance arts and incredibly delectable foods further adds special tone to the Italian cities in general. There are plenty of sights, where travellers get themselves involved on various levels. The most amazing cities in Italy known for their beauty and culture includes Venice, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Italy, Capri and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Italy

The low cost months for booking flights to Italy is February. Travellers can easily avail cheap flights to Italy from UK. It is better to shop and compare the options of cheap flights to Italy at any reliable online travel agency or aggregator.
The best and most perfect time to visit Italy is during spring, i.e. between March and May and autumn, i.e. between September and November, when the temperatures are comfy and travellers are less.
Generally, September to October are considered to be quite less expensive to travel to Italy from the UK. Look at the latest deals on cheap flight tickets on the reliable Online Travel Agent website.
The flights to Italy from the UK are likely to vary, and this depends on the city from where the flight is originating. The total time of flights to Italy from London is approximately 1Hour and 50 Minutes. The total time of flights to Italy from Manchester is approximately a little more than 2 Hours. The total time of flights to Italy from Birmingham is approximately a little more than 1 Hour and 50 Minutes. The total time of flights to Italy from Bristol is approximately a little more than 1 Hour and 55 Minutes.
Generally, April to May and mid-September to October are considered the cheapest time spans for flying to Italy from the UK.
The average cost of flying to Italy from London, UK is £220, but this is the cost that can vary substantially depending on various other factors, including the cabin class. Check out with authentic OTA.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is abound by its never ending and continuously growing richness. The heart throbbing European cities are populated by restaurants, museums, churches and taints of renaissance moments that are often reflected in the architecture. Some of the magnificent cities that travellers would like to visit on their trip of Europe are Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

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