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Portugal is a gorgeous European country having a wider lineage that includes the cultural inheritance, massive rolling plains, vividly majestic cascades of mountain range seeping gradually into an enormously long Atlantic Ocean coastline. Its capital Lisbon is enamoured with exotic relics and architectural memorials, which played intricate roles in development of renaissance besides creating a euphonic splendour.

Lisbon, in particular abounds in the natural beauty, and it is entirely a sea locked and water locked landmass while the inlands are like the sinuating alley ways that will let the travellers pass through old styled architectures with a gothic history. Most of the new buildings are whitewashed, and these create a perfect contrast with aquamarine hues of the Atlantic Ocean. The climates in most of the cities of Portugal remain moderate all through the year, and it is one of the possible reasons for travellers to make the headway to the stunning land. The story of Lisbon is nothing that falls short of the book description. Every aspect of the city is going to charm the explorations as well as add enlightenment.

Popular tourist destinations for international tourists are Lisbon, Algarve and Northern Portugal. The regions around Central Portugal are popular among the local tourists for their sunbaked landscapes. The best features of Lisbon, and the whole of Portugal is Castelo de São Jorge, located strategically on the top of the hill. The startling castle will provide a holistic view of the Atlantic and the city of Lisbon. The flowing of backwaters leaves a terrific imprint on the imagination of travellers.

Alfama is settled in a terrific hamlet lookout that is entirely rustic in appearance, and upgraded by the addition of modern technology. This is a silent neighbourhood showing the tapestry predominated by Moorish cultures and creative arts, not found in any other place. The idea of creating Aqueduto das Águas Livres back in the 18th Century is instilled with tourist preponderance. It is also the place of the biggest stone arch of the world, and hypnotic tourist activity. Booking cheap flights to Portugal forms is where the travellers get the chance to engage themselves in the enticing medieval castles, the intricately designed cobblestone villages, charming cities and quite awesome golden beaches.

Places to visit in Portugal

The gorgeous Portugal is a pearl of Europe having its strategic positioning Iberian Peninsula’s western coast. The country is inhabited by tourists from all across the globe in leaps and bounds. Enjoyable climate and affordability are two principal reasons for growth of tourism and development. Among several attractive features that embellish the skyline of Portugal, travellers are enticed by the architectural refinement formed as the result of inclusion of Brazilian and Chinese buildings dotting the place. The structures in Lisbon and Porto are entrenched in opulence and richness, and the grace of these architectures have certainly not faded. The wealthy and old days of Portuguese imperialism are reflected as you travel through the aisle ways and cobbled streets of towns. Algarve, stretching from Lagos to Faro has a preponderance of fascinating towns and clean beaches. Hikers too have the opportunity to calibrate the coastal lands from a distance as they step up the Algarve. Travelling on usual days to Madeira and islands around the Azores soothe the senses, though on the next moment imagination is momentarily sensitised. Portugal is a magnificent country and this magnificence does not limit the tourists from travelling to the escapades, which are supplied with nature’s very special treatment.

1: Aveiro - The Globally Acclaimed Venice of Portugal

Settled in the Central Portugal with proximity to Atlantic Ocean, Aveiro is nothing less a painter’s tapestry beset in the epic canal systems, connected by intriguing gondolas and often sailed by the hi technology speed boats. Aveiro has clean sun basking beaches, primitive sites and the view of each of these is enjoyed by engulfing the delectable cuisines slowly. Besides, there are premium destination spots like Convento de Jesus, São Gonçalinho Chapéu etc. to look around for a while out of tour schedule.

2: Viana do Castelo - Centre for Cultural breakthroughs and Historical Emblems

Established on the orifice of Lima River, the petite city of Viana do Castelo is the site of pilgrimage besides the cultural and historical changes that took place over the times. The town has well kept palaces, manor houses and an assortment of several small museums, which makes the place distinctive all by itself. Viana do Castelo provides surprising sights of adjacent landscapes apart from serving as the pedestal for Lima Valley exploration.

3: Monsaraz - Hamlet with Celebrated Historical Developments

The interesting past that Monsaraz lived through is still seen at many places in this settlement. The town is witness to the rules of the Arabs, Knights Templar, Visigoths and not to miss out the great Romans. The strategic superiority of this settlement cannot be ignored as it occupies a breathtaking place on the hilltop, overseeing the beautiful Guadiana River. Travellers would not like to miss out the enthralling views of inspiring architecture and sites with an overwhelmingly architectural expansion.

4: Nazare

Positioned in the old and popular provincial Extremadura Province, Nazare is established in a picturesque spot. The rocky coastal cliffs and beautiful beaches bring along the much needed beauty. This is where the travellers find the delight as they trespass the embellished seafood restaurants, suave pensions as well as petite boutiques. Strolling around on any usual day, the travellers will find sight of several churches, chapels and grand museums that tell a history of the bygone era. The place is always packed in the summers, although there are several popular places to get around the times of Christmas Carnival and the New Year. The Nazare Canyon has great attraction for the sea surfers who consider it as their pastime. Relaxing on the golden sand beaches and taking the sun basks along the panoramic coastal views sends across a mesmerising feel.

5: Peneda - Geres National Park

The national park is situated in the Northwest part and it borders Spain. The national park offers enriching views of flora and fauna and it also has a well-protected biome. There are unlimited villages and isolated destinations in the verdant climes. The vast acreage of this national park covers the all-encompassing valleys, dense forests, which are richly supplied with an intricate network of rivers and the rivulets. Peneda-Geres also has over a hundred granite villages, which have been set in the spectacular scenery surpassing the times and giving a completely unique look and feel.

6: Braga

It is the third biggest cityscape of Portugal, settled on the Northside and enclosed by the meandering hills, far-reaching valleys, and lush farms. Known oftentimes as the ‘city of archbishops’ all of Braga is not only the churches and cathedrals. In fact a usual sight of Braga is going to charm the travellers as they find themselves fascinated by amazing nightlife. The excitement in Braga never stops, and there are new ways to explore the city. The old center of this city is replete with the sight of meandering narrow lanes, sophisticated plazas, and lovely old buildings. Besides, there are also the moments when the travellers will be wholly youthful as the result of the student community.

7: Tomar

The principal ruling centre of Knights Templar, the antiquity becomes clearly visible in the streets. The attractive town of Tomar is dotted by historical, cultural features apart from the religious monuments of different types. The sight of attractive and grand buildings exhibiting a few gorgeous architecture designed in Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance panaches make a whopping difference altogether.

Things to do in Portugal

The huge coastline, expanding across more than 800 Kms., of Portugal lends plenty of marine bound activities to the travellers. The capital Lisbon, is settled on the vent of the magnificent river Tagus, and it offers many exciting activities which are worthwhile to indulge in. The mélange of rocky landscapes interspersed with scenic sights along with the sights of attractive coves, old-fashioned hamlets and the ancient cultural cult brings is enough to bring a phenomenal transformation in the minds of the travellers and they start exploring Portugal set in the beliefs of their own interpretations.

Booking cheap flights to Portugal may be the end of a small time trip, but the long journey still awaits the travellers for which a mental and physical balance is required. Here are a few things that a traveller from anywhere in the world would like to spoil himself or herself into:

1: Plan a visit to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Consisting of the Church and Monastery and constructed in the ancient Manueline style, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is embellished in ostensibly decked to bring out exquisite aura. There are also beautiful abbeys within the building besides the ancient monuments like the tomb of Vasco de Gama and the renowned Portuguese poet named- Luis de Camoes.

2: Feel amazed on Visiting Oceanario de Lisboa

If you are planning a trip to Lisbon with your children, you cannot afford to bypass this huge oceanarium, which is also the place where they could learn about marine life. The aquarium holds various micro biomes and marine creatures from Antarctic, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans respectively.

3: Enjoy a layover at Palacio Nacional de Sintra

The palace as old and dating back to the 14th Century is pedestaled on the beautifully constructed central square dotted by the peculiarly round chimneys that differentiates the architecture from other palaces. One of the key fascinating features of Palacio Nacional de Sintra is baroquely decorated floorings that have separate themes altogether.

4: Take sunbathe on Matosinhos Beach

Matosinhos Beach oversees the North of Porto with a long strip of golden sand bordered by a promenade. It is the ideal beach place for children and families to bathe in natural marine environs in complete peace and tranquility. Sea surfing is indeed a good choice to go around out here.

5: Ascent to the Torre de Belem

Positioned in the Belem district in Lisbon happens to be the huge tower, constructed in the year1521. This UNESCO Site has a structure made out of the Manueline style with the layering of a charming façade. The ultimate purpose of Torre de Belem was to become the strong vanguard against the possibilities of invasion from the River Tagus.

6: Indulge in Canoeing at Furnas Lake

Azores, which is the enriching site richly supplied by freshwater Furnas Lake created as the result of the volcanic Crater. The azure water of the lake is shaded with a green hue, and this eventually brings up a stark effect giving a cool effect visual to the eyes.

7: Bespoke Touring of Bom Jesus do Monte

Situated almost 6 Kms. off the Braga the striking pilgrimage site embarks a huge religious structure, popular as Bom Jesus do Monte. It is constructed in the manner of an outstanding stairway and the church representing the Bom Jesus. There are also smaller chapels besides the gorgeous fountains and convoluted engraved scenes coming out straight from the Bible.

8: Travel and relish the Convento do Cristo

The petit town agitated in Tomar came up on the scene in 1160, with Masonic hues and embellishments. The reason behind these exemplary hues is the fact that it was seen as the order of Templars Knights. The centre of Convento has Charola, which is the original church with Christ symbols, and these symbols are not to be missed on the visit.

9: Make the Appointment at the Universidade de Coimbra

The UNESCO Heritage site is an ancient university from 1290. The sight of Paco das Ecolas, which is the Central Square apart from the Alta and Sofia wings, which were once the royal residence will jostle the imagination of any traveller.

10: Walk over to Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is an amazingly striking and popular museum in Lisbon holding almost 6000 artifacts of the Armenian National called by the name Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian. Travellers on the visit to the museum will come across Roman medallions, paintings painted by Rembrandt and Turner, and furniture from the era of Louis XV and XVI.

Airlines operating flights to Portugal

Cheapest flights to Portugal are available for the travellers who have the intention of flying from the UK or take a return trip back to Portugal. Look out for the best deals on international flights to and from Portugal available on interesting deals from Premium international airlines such as TAP - Air Portugal, Air Europa, Vueling Airlines and Iberia Airlines connect London to Lisbon and also offer budget flights. Search for the best flight tickets, and avail attractive discounts on every booking.


Cheapest flight routes to Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful European country popular for exquisite cuisines, manicured landscapes, and dazzling beaches. The country is a jubilating destination in Europe intimidated with gothic architecture and the architecture is complemented with landscapes. British Airways, Iberia, Air France and many other airlines are offering flights from London Heathrow Airport to Lisbon, Porto and several international airports. Cheapest flight routes from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh etc. to Lisbon, Faro, Madeira, Porto Santo, Pico Island, Horta, Ponta Delgada etc.

Flights to Lisbon

Almost every big and small city in Portugal has the semblance of arts and culture in different shades, as well as carries with it the legendary charm. Lisbon, the Portugal capital is not an exception. Excitement reaches to a surprisingly new high when travellers come across a delightful sight of pastel-toned homes and cobbled alleys. Book cheap flight tickets from London to Lisbon and save the money on fresh deals.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Lisbon 2 Hours 46 Minutes
Birmingham Lisbon 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Manchester Lisbon 2 Hours 49 Minutes
Glasgow Lisbon 3 Hours 00 Minutes
Bristol Lisbon 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Liverpool Lisbon 2 Hours 50 Minutes

Flights to Faro

Faro is a prominent and a famed tourist destination known for its picturesqueness of astounding and well-kempt parks, charming beaches oozing the goldenness, expansive castles and momentous palaces. The cheap flights to Faro are available from London and various other destinations in the UK, introducing the budget flying options for travellers.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Faro 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Birmingham Faro 2 Hours 55 Minutes
Manchester Faro 2 Hours 55 Minutes
Glasgow Faro 3 Hours 10 Minutes
Bristol Faro 6 Hours 00 Minutes
Liverpool Faro 2 Hours 55 Minutes

Flights to Porto

Porto is the second most populous and interesting tourist destination in Portugal, better known among the travellers for catching the sights of meandering streets, old-fashioned homes besides the speckled churches. There are regular and cheap flights flying to Porto from London Gatwick. Porto is the engaging city where travellers find closeness to the most rarefied cultural and historical blending.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Porto 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Birmingham Porto 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Manchester Porto 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Glasgow Porto 2 Hours 29 Minutes
Bristol Porto 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Liverpool Porto 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Airports in Portugal

Portugal is a charming country packed by several mirthful sites and astounding architectural charisma, but the country’s airports too are equally captivating and surrounded by many lush green and unpolluted landscapes. Cheap Portugal flights take off and land every day, making the airports the centre of strong business activity. There are scheduled flights to Portugal from the UK and international cities, which can be booked on low costs. Besides the cheap flights to Portugal, there are also many business class Portugal flights running day and night, with higher base airfare. Here are the top airports in Portugal, which consistently manage high traffic flow:

Lisbon Airport
Popular as the Lisbon Humberto Delgado and oftentimes referred to as Portela Airport is the international airport and probably one of the biggest serving airports in Southern Europe. The airport is provided with two runways and capable of handling a whopping traffic of over 30 Million passengers.
Porto Airport
Erstwhile known as Pedras Rubras Airport is the international airport with second highest traffic intensity in Portugal as far as air traffic operations are concerned. The airport is also the busiest after Lisbon and the Faro Airport. Porto Airport serves as the base for easyJet, Ryanair, TAP Air Portugal besides the TAP Express. It is also capable of handling cheap flights to Portugal.
Faro Airport
The international airport is identified as Algarve Airport, and situated to the western side of Faro in Portugal. The airport shows high passenger activity from March to October, and this is also the time when the airport functions in an entirely slot coordinated fashion. It was also once the hub for Ryanair.
Madeira Airport
Positioned in Santa Cruz, near to the capital, Funchal, Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport (FNC) is noticeably ranked among very few challenging airports operational in the world. The airport has a small runway, but the interesting feature is that it has the capability to handle 3.5 million passengers each year. Almost all types of passenger aircrafts have touched the tarmac of Madeira Airport.
Ponta Delgada-João Paulo II Airport
The international airport established on São Miguel in the archipelago of Azores, has the name that descends from Pope John Paul II. The airport has indeed the fifth biggest infrastructure, and among the busiest airports in Azores. João Paulo II Airport has capacity to handle international flights to Portugal coming from Europe and North America.
Lajes Airport
The awe-inspiring airport is strategically established in the province of Praia da Vitória over Terceira Island, in the Azores. The airport has a highly expansive runway among all other airports located in Azores. Lajes Airport (TER) also works in conjunction with the military Lajes Field.

Famous cities in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most appealing countries located within the European continent with cities that show overwhelming affluence visualised and felt in the form of historic monuments and stimulating tourist destinations. Popular cities like Lisbon, Porto and Algarve have great fascination of their own, which bejewel the quaint thoughts by nothing more substantial than the enriching history and moments of the bygone times. Several popular cities of Portugal also speak of the sandbar islands, golf courses as well as sheltered national parks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Portugal

Speaking of cheapest flights in general for booking the flights to Portugal from the UK, then January tops the list for many obvious reasons. The average price for return flight is accrued to £160 or above, while the good deal for the return flight is £40 and above.
The ideal most time for flying to Portugal is spring, and most precisely it is between the late February and April. You will also have a good autumn season that runs between September and October. The best times are likely to vary and therefore you need to check out with reliable OTA.
The off season for travellers to book their flights from the UK and travel to Portugal would be January. It is the ideal time when travelling activity is quite less.
In general state of things and on average, the non-stop flights flying from the UK to Portugal will take anywhere between 2 hours 35 minutes and 3 hours. However, this would depend on the route you take between London and Portugal.
Monday is indeed the cheapest flight time in the day for catching your flight to Portugal. However, it is very obvious that you check the cheapest fly time with a genuine OTA around. Do not be confused or overwhelmed with respect to the cheapest fly time to Portugal.
In general, the cost of flying to Portugal from the UK is 200 pounds. Since the airline fares are fluctuating and there are crests and spikes on the flight ticket graph, nothing is quite certain.

Best places to visit in Europe

The undue charm of Europe teems all around the streets and alleys. The delightful cuisines along with country hopping give domestic and international travellers to visit hot destination spots. Apart from Portugal, travellers have other exciting destinations to explore in the continent of Europe. Book cheap Portugal flights and you may come across fascinating opportunities to travel to other countries of the European continent.

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