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Denmark is a small and well-organised nation, and strategically located on the Northern front of Europe. The Danish hinterland has a landscape matching the plateau. The nation shares the borders with only one nation - Germany. This peaceful and one of the happiest nations in the world is popular for Legoland, Carlsberg, and the petite Mermaid. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is the famous arts and crafts museum in Denmark, liked by the Danes. The nation has an exclusive taste for superior quality European and Danish food. Popular food items like remoulade, leverpostej, medisterpolse, frikadeller etc. are liked by travellers from all over the globe. It makes Denmark, the 5th biggest exporter of food items in the world. Danes are intense travellers, and they travel the world like Chinese travellers.

Most of the Danish business community is run and manages only small and mid-sized companies. The nation has a maximum number of business enterprises that employ people from all communities. Denmark is the cleanest nation on Earth, with no garbage or litter on the sidewalks, there are also no smoke belchers too. Each Danish city has its own aura and scintillating beauty. Most parts of modern Danish cities revolve around antique buildings, gothic style architecture, brick walls created out of the enriching history, and beautifully carved and intricately meandering pathways that lead to and out of the castles. The nation observes a friendly culture, and it helps the people who are non-Danish in their ethnic appearance. Book the flights to Denmark from UK and lead your way to the world’s happiest destination. Regular cheap flights to Denmark leave and enter London’s Heathrow airport. During the festival seasons, travellers have cheap flights to Denmark, and most of the flight ticket deals are also quite welcoming.

Most of the castles in Denmark are carefully preserved, and such a level of preservation is usually not seen in any other European city. Several of the popular castles with rich historical significance like Kronborg Castle, have turned up as full-fledged museums. The exciting part is that the majority of Danish city designs as well as their interior designs represent an esteemed luxuriousness as well as timelessness. The shores on the West Denmark, and specifically Jutland have amber-coloured beaches, and this gives the feeling of super attractiveness. The real meaning of gratitude emanates only in Denmark, and nowhere else. European land is packed with cultures and rituals, establishing parallelism with antique practises.

Denmark claims to be the home of the biggest store of art museums, spectacular and grand exhibition halls, and uniquely designed galleries, featuring the works of Danish artists besides the artists from across the globe. The Louisiana Museum, with its strategic location on the Northern Sjaelland, is known for its art paintings. There are Arts Museums with an impressive assortment of art, which also comprises the works from the Danish painters, Picasso, Morris Louis, Anselm Kiefer, and several other renowned artists. The Museum titled- Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has an assortment of samples from Denmark's Golden Age painters.

Places to Visit in Denmark

Denmark is a petite and beautiful Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe, commissioned from Jutland Peninsula and over 400 Islands nestled in the North Sea. Tourists visiting Denmark are attracted to the gorgeous landscapes dotted with gothic style castles, motte and bailey castles, the stone keep castles, besides the concentric castles. The mediaeval-styled architecture is intriguing and with plenty of sunshine during the majority of years, tourists like laying off themselves on the beach.

The level of Danish experience that tourists come across in Denmark is far too explicit, one of the greenest and exuberating in a variety of ways. Exploiting the site of 110 houses, and an assortment of cathedrals, which are under the UNESCO Heritage Protection, dishes out more than the usual travel experience.

Cities like Copenhagen, Ribe, Legoldan present an eco-friendly site, with absolutely no or very few traffic jams. People working in Denmark feel less stressed and for international tourists, this small piece of North European Land is a cosy subterfuge, which has everything metaphysical about it.

1: Rabjerg Mile - The Seasonal Migrating Coastal Dunes

Among the top and most visited tourist destinations in Denmark between Skagen and Frederikshavn, Rabjerg Mile is human-developed sand dunes on the west coast during the 16th Century BC. The dunes extend towards the Eastern and the Northeastern belt of Kattegat with a startling swiftness of 15 metres. The Rabjerg Mile dunes can be travelled comfortably on the car from Kandestedvej. Travelling this splendid zone on the foot straight from Råbjerg Kirke is an adventure for tourists from the East and the Far- Eastern lands.

2: Gilleleje - The Summer Retreat and Enriching Harbour Experience

Gilleleje is a bulbous fishing urban port well-regarded by local as well as international tourists. The event of the fish auction and sales market seems to appear a wee bit busy in the mornings. A regular walk down the marketplace will provide the travellers with an excellent experience; panoramic and equally illuminating. A visit to the statue of Søren Kierkegaard positioned in Royal Library Garden in Slotsholmen reminds the travellers of existentialism and protestant philosophies of the Danish theologian, cultural critic, and philosopher.

3: Elsinore - The Port City with Historical Significance

In Denmark, places to visit. Elsinore, also popular as Helsinger, is a historical port city established in Eastern Denmark, which is worthy of visiting and exploring by international tourists. The city has gargantuan exhibition centres, huge libraries, and a fascinating shipyard museum. Travellers interested in knowing the history of Eastern Denmark can think of visiting Elsinore.

4: Copenhagen - The Confluence Point of Historical Breakthroughs, Cafes, and Splendid Architecture

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, officially established in the 12th Century, and a colossal landscape showplace of architecture, innovative cafes, and stimulating architectural structures. The extensive harbour of Copenhagen has a 10-Mile wide stretch, with Sweden lying on the opposite side of the port. Fun and entertaining activities like Copenhagen Pride Festival or Midsummer's Eve celebrations are free events happening all through the year that bring hilariousness to the hearts of the travellers.

5: Aarhus - The City Known for Marine Food and Bejewelled Vibes

Aarhus is a delightful city on the Eastern Coast of Jutland and fulfils the needs of Denmark's principal port. The gorgeous city is the hot spot for exploring superior quality seafood. The city is merely 3 to 4 hours of road drive from the capital city of Copenhagen. The key attractions liked by international travellers include sidewalk cafes, Glazzhuset, or Musikcafeen clubs, Herr Bartels, or The Römer bars apart from the astronomical architectural sites.

6: Aalborg - The Old World Beauty

Not many Danish cities have quaint and old-world beauty like Aalborg. The travellers from many countries flock to Aalborg during the carnival, which is regarded as the biggest in North America. The scintillating sites like Limfjord enjoyed popularity among the Danes from the times of Vikings. Popular buildings like Aalborg Historical Museum or the Lindholm Hoje Museum are equally famous among the international and the local tourists.

7: Esbjerg - Land of Beauty and Amazement

Travellers visit Denmark in search of happiness, beauty and to explore antique architecture, and Esbjerg is where they find everything. The lively port city positioned on the Southwest of Jutland brings together the sites of captivating museums, exquisite entertainment, and fabulous shopping occasions. Sailing on the ferry lands the travellers to Fanø, popular for the long sandy coastline and the huge sand dunes.

Things to Do in Denmark

Denmark is the nation of the royals and the royalty, where the Royal Family lived and ruled before it was transformed into the sovereign culture. The cityscapes of Denmark are dotted by dazzling palaces, ceremonial castles, and the histrionics that were set in history. Travellers, who may also be the history buffs, look at Denmark as the fascinating confluence of bewitching actions cocooned inside the royalty.

The islands located off the coast of Denmark are known for their alpine vegetation, seals, and untamed horses. The Nordic area is the root of the Viking struggle and way of life, the sites of new age museums like Maritime Museum or the AroS Art Museum. Denmark is the happiest place to live and explore the people and the cultures, on the same parallels that also makes it widely photographed by the travellers.

1: Swelter with the Wild Life in the Copenhagen Zoo

Established in the year 1859, the zoo rose to fame as the most antique wildlife space on the planet earth for housing 264 spectacular animal species. The zoo covers sprawling 27 acres, identified into different zones. The tropical zone covering 1,500 square metres has an environment similar to rainforests, inhabited by species like crocodiles, snakes, and deer. The butterfly garden at Copenhagen Zoo is equally fascinating for travellers.

2: Unearth the Mystics of Thy National Park

Thy National Park is branded as the premier national park situated in Denmark, covering 12 kilometres of verdant and befalling sceneries, craggy landscapes, and the huge expanse of alpine forests lined along the western coastline of Jutland. Thy National Park is also an idyllic place to visit during the Denmark trip and explore 30 avian species and resident otters breeding and living in their natural habitats.

3: Ascent the Råbjerg Mile

Snuggled near Skagen, which is the part of the North Jutland region is known to be the biggest moving sand dune among the entire Northern European region. The rate of movement of sand dunes is calculated to be 18 Metres each year. Råbjerg Mile is indecisively the act of nature, and it is worth a visit. The place is not any usual type of tourist destination, rather it is something created out of blues.

4: Explorative Trip to Egeskov Castle in Funen

If you have the heart for exploring the renaissance buildings, then the Egeskov Castle cannot be left behind. The best spots, which make up the castle are Knights’ Hall, Moat, and gracious spires. The Segway course provided within the castle’s compound is relaxing, suave, and supplied by nature’s cheerfulness and empathy. The beauty outside Egeskov Castle is as enamoring as the beauty within it.

5: Position like the Roman on the Northernmost spot of Grenen

The Northernmost spot of Grenen is where you position yourself upright, look at the horizon and find the mesmerising confluence of Skagerrak and Kattegat seas that fall apart from the edge of Skaw Reef. This is also the region established as the tip of the European continental shelf. The conspicuous sight of playful and pranking seals sends hilarious vibes and soothes the viewers internally.

6: Travel to watch the sight of Buried Church in Skagen

The coastal area of Skagen is the place of Den Tilsandede Kirke, popular among travellers as the sand-buried church from the 14th Century, devoted to Saint Laurence who was popular among the seafarers, standing as the vanguard helping the lost sailors to find the way out. The church was finally shut down in the year 1795. The principal tower is visible from the dunes.

7: Lookout and Survey the Viking burial grounds of Lindholm Høje

Venturing to Lindholm Høje would lead the travellers to unravel the Viking artefacts in Europe. The 682 burial grounds refer to the Iron Age as well as the Viking Age, and there are as many as 150 ships erected out of stone. Lindholm Høje is also a well-preserved hamlet embellished by the sophisticated combination of stone circles and ancient wells depicting a perfect water harvesting system.

Airlines operating flights to Denmark

The landscape of Denmark is replete with beautiful islands that delight the heart and tinsel the imagination of travellers in many ways. The country is connected by international flights, flying regularly to and from the sophisticated airports. The prominent airlines operating non-stop flights to Denmark include SAS, Delta, KLM, and Air France.


Cheapest flight routes to Denmark

International airlines provide direct connectivity between the UK to various cities in Denmark. SAS, Ryanair, British Airways, American Airlines, Norwegian, easyJet, Norwegian Air International, and Finnair are a few of the international carriers that provide flights from Belfast to Copenhagen flights, London City to Copenhagen, London City to Billund, Manchester to Copenhagen and many more.

Flights to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an exceptionally inimitable city, branded by its canals, cycling culture, and happy locals to get around. The city also offers amazing vacation times to domestic and international tourists. Denmark has four mammoth-sized and four small airports located in Bornholm, Midtjyllands, Esbjerg, and Sønderborg. The UK provides non-stop flights to Copenhagen from Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport, Bristol Airport, Birmingham Airport, Manchester Airport, Liverpool Airport, and Edinburgh Airport.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Copenhagen 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Birmingham Copenhagen 4 Hours 40 Minutes
Manchester Copenhagen 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Glasgow Copenhagen 4 Hours 55 Minutes
Bristol Copenhagen 4 Hours 05 Minutes
Liverpool Copenhagen 6 Hours 30 Minutes

Flights to Billund

Billund is a quaint and composed town settled in the region of central Denmark, and the town holds a significant place for being the origin of Lego bricks, as referenced in Legoland Billund theme park. The sight of the tropical aquadome in Billund Water Park is as inspiring as the sophisticated farm work from the 18th and 19th century, showcased at Karensminde Agricultural Museum. The easiest way to reach Billund is by catching the short flights from Edinburgh, London, and several other prominent cities in the UK.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Billund 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Birmingham Billund 4 Hours 10 Minutes
Manchester Billund 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Glasgow Billund 4 Hours 20 Minutes
Bristol Billund 4 Hours 25 Minutes
Liverpool Billund 12 Hours 25 Minutes

Flights to Aarhus

Aarhus is an enticing city in Denmark with a strategic location on the East coast of Jutland peninsula. The city is popular for amphitheaters and museums, and antique timbered homes. The greenhouses from Botanical Garden stand adjacent to these timbered homes. If you are planning to book a cheap flight to Aarhus, you have plenty of options like Ryanair, EasyJet, and many more – and these are indeed Europe's favorite carriers.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Aarhus 7 Hours 35 Minutes
Birmingham Aarhus 8 Hours 50 Minutes
Manchester Aarhus 7 Hours 05 Minutes
Glasgow Aarhus 14 Hours 35 Minutes
Bristol Aarhus 15 Hours 55 Minutes
Liverpool Aarhus 15 Hours 20 Minutes

Airports in Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is where the heart submits to the peaceful composers voluntarily, and the outward fascination settles deep inside. Travellers who like to live through the moments of surprises and delightful foods, or want to get imbued into the exquisite city cultures can think of flying to Denmark. The peaceful country is supplied by four large airports that connect internationally. The Kingdom also has autonomous territories comprising the Faroe Islands and Greenland, with direct flight connectivity from Edinburgh (Scotland) and many other European cities and countries.

Aalborg Airport
The airport operates civilian and military flights and it serves the Aalborg Municipality, and it is the second national airport operational in Denmark. The airport receives regular flights from Air France, Alitalia, Delta, and Norwegian Shuttle. The significantly popular flight routes run from Aalborg to Copenhagen and Aalborg to Amsterdam. During World War II, the airport was also used for reconnaissance activities in the maritime.
 Aarhus Airport
Aarhus Airport was formed by German forces during the Second World War. The airport in the present-day functions for civilian activities. In the recent enhancements, the airport has three parking areas covering more than 1300 parking spaces. The airport is one of the busiest in terms of passenger and air traffic. Aarhus Airport is also used by NATO forces for conducting exercises.
Billund Airport
Billund Airport is the international airport serving as the biggest air cargo site and the passenger flights. Several international flights from European countries arrive and depart from the airport each day, which also gives it one of the reasons for managing high passenger traffic. The airport is capable of handling more than three million passengers each year, apart from tonnes of cargo that arrive in ATR-72s, Boeing 747s, Boeing 737s, and Airbus A320s.
Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup is the principal international airport that connects Copenhagen, Denmark to Zealand, Greater Copenhagen, and wider international regions. Copenhagen Airport is supplied by an exclusive range of bars, restaurants, and cafes. The delicacies offered out here are exemplary and unmatched to the senses.
Sønderborg Airport
Sønderborg Airport is an international airport situated in Sønderborg, Denmark. It started operations in 1968, with the maiden flight in 1950, flown by Sønderjyllands Flyveselskab. The routine transfers are made by means of taxis or rental cars. The airport is capable of handling huge traffic and is known for effective air traffic management.
Bornholm Airport
The airport strategically situated on the island of Bornholm is managed and controlled by Statens Luftfartsvæsen (The Danish Civil Aviation Administration). Air traffic control is offered by Naviair. The airport serves domestic and international flights that are scheduled to and from Denmark. The airport has an impressive diversification in terms of operations.

Famous cities in Denmark

The cityscapes and landscapes of Denmark are dotted with attractive sites of historical relevance and fantastical museums demonstrating the charming architecture as well as epic destinations that tell the tale of heroism. The imagination can be exploited to extremes at places like Legoland. A trip to Odense will give you the feeling as if you are sanctified by the blessings of the great Nordic god, Odin. The cities of Denmark put forth a great semblance of the rich heritage of Danish people.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Denmark

In general, the cheapest month for flying from London to Denmark is January. Generally, the departures in the morning seem to be 13% more expensive than the flights in the evening.
The best time for visiting Denmark is usually June, July and August, when daylight hours are lengthy and temperatures seem to be settled between 59°F and 68°F. These months seem to be ideal for travelling to Denmark as the coasts begin to get busier than ever.
The off-season for flights to Denmark from UK are generally October, and this is also the time when the flights are cheap. Since it is the offseason, flights can be booked even a week before the date of departure.
There is variability in the flight durations from the UK to Denmark. The flight timing from London to Copenhagen, Denmark is 1 hour 50 minutes. The flight from Manchester to Billund, Denmark is 1 hour 40 minutes. The flight from Birmingham to Copenhagen, Denmark is 1 hours 45 minutes. The flight from Glasgow to Billund, Denmark is 3 hours 50 minutes.
In general, and according to the prevailing conditions, the cheapest flight time to Denmark in the Day is around 4 PM Greenwich Mean Time. The sales include Monday or early Tuesday on the websites of the online travel agents.
Generally, the prices of flights to Denmark from the UK vary, and this variation ranges from £52 to £76. July is the most expensive month at £99.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is the fascination and a startling continent with a historical conundrum and settled in Beethoven’s landscapes. Unlimited places with an explorative tone, Europe has the beauty that extols itself too often, where travelling becomes too imaginative and intuitive. Besides Denmark, the best places to visit in Europe are the UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Rome, Italy and many more.

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