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Norway is the primeval motherland of Vikings, is imbued in the charming tapestry, and the balance of it is elaborated by uniqueness in the culture and traditionalism. Deep-rooted customs, concoction of beliefs, and variation in rituals. The Viking country connects the perturbed souls and satiates the vivid imagination of a traveller. It is the abode where Mother Nature has decorated herself and kept herself in the garb, on completely isolated heights, from where the inquisitive eyes of a traveller will leap the Northern lights, miles of shorelines, and the gleaming icebergs. In fact, Norway is where Mother Nature has decorated herself like a queen, with many surprises. This small country of Northern Europe expands across the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The country is a vessel of ancient and modern cultural harmony. Norway’s capital Oslo has an energetic essence, inhabiting almost half of the population, catering to the mundane desires and longings.

Norway is the land of the midnight sun, situated in the south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle. Nature’s own magic wherein the summertime sun never sets for several weeks. The capital of Norway Oslo is defined as the most prosperous and lively city, it has some fine museums which describe the cultural coexistence, Oslo is also known for its Viking museum, and this is a folk ancient part of Norway culture. Norway is the most affluent nation in Europe, where travelers will benefit from well-equipped transport. This is known as the best country for a woman. Several museums, art galleries, and natural wonders, Norway is the most comfortable and dreamy place ever.

And for the fertile mind, there is life beyond Oslo, swindled beyond the limitations, explorative and swerving through the icy mountainous cascades and the magnificent canyons. Norway has perfect cultural harmony; it is inhabited by a group called the Sami, whose language is distinct as well as very old. The community reflects the cultures and practices of Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The world is always full of surprises in every corner, men find something unusual that changes the perspective of life. This is only possible when one leaves his ‘safe zone’ or home. Norway is a place where the nomad’s mind explores to its extreme fathom, measureless, and abound.

Every corner feels nature’s miracles and blessings, which makes life quite enterprising and is worth exploring. The street art of Norway is something that one shouldn’t miss; the jaw-dropping graffiti is an example of perfect art. Norway has several bike stands where the traveller needs to rent a bike, swindle through the streets, and explore a new you. Norway is the appropriate choice for the people who prefer winters, where the weather is chilled to extremes. Travellers who like to unwind in extremely frigid conditions see the climate as a marvellous opportunity. With cheap flights to Norway, the opportunity to travel to this small European land becomes the reality and travellers save hugely on their budget.

The culturally replete and varied structuralism of Norway is depicted in its traditional costumes, especially the “Bunad” worn on the Norwegian Constitution Day parade. The parade has a big contingent of children, dancing and parading in the company of parents.

Places to Visit in Norway

Norway is a place with umpteen surprises, with its cultural harmony, and closeness to nature besides the varied ritualistic atmosphere. This spell-bound country is enchanted by Mother Nature’s miracle and stores plenty of amazements for every type of traveller. The country is arctic amazement, enticingly popular for the fjord village and staggering peaks, besides the internationally reputable Trollstigen Mountain and the Atlantic Road. Overall, Norway is suave as a nation, true heaven to surfers, and kite lovers who feel entreated on every account. The wide coastline comprising white beaches; charms the surroundings as much as render the travellers motivated. Here are a few appealing destination spots where travellers will like to indulge after they book cheap flights to Norway:

1: Sognefjord - The Ruse of Sparkling Fjords in the World

The Sognefjord also popular as Sognefjorden, labelled as the Monarch of the Fjords, and the biggest as well as unfathomed fjord found in Norway. The place is established deeper inside an ocean-facing region of Skjolden and spreads its branches into limitless minor coves and fjords. Sognafjord spreads its branches from several inlets, claiming it to be the king of all fjords. Dingy and boats offer the best accessibility, and the travellers are amazed by the exploration.

2: Pulpit Rock - Adventurer’s Value and Traveller’s Envy

Pulpit Rock is the dream place for adventurists and hikers, it takes almost 4 to 5 hours to complete the hike. This place’s changeable weather is interesting, you will find changes in temperature while hiking. Be careful while standing on the edges. Travellers and hikers never miss this place, it’s the most amusing and esoteric gratitude of the Norwegian landscape.

3: Tromso - The Nature’s Abstruse Forever

It is among the largest municipalities of Norway, situated to the North of the Arctic Circle. Tromso is renowned for Arctic missions. The village area had earned its popularity for fishing, by times this became an industry and an essential part of people’s life. Tromso is a place where nature is performing miracles each day. Tromso is the first choice for every hiker and adventure enthusiast. Norway is known for its cultural harmony.

4: Lofoten Islands - Fishing Culture and Hermitage of the Countryside Hamlets

The archipelagos subside and nurture a nice fishing culture; its villages render a vivacious outburst to the travellers. This is also based in the north Arctic Circle, where the weather is pleasant and enthralls the imagination to extremes. Norway has frequent pleasant weather. The old-style fishing villages present an appealing retreat to the travellers and they bounce with the taste. The Lofoten War Memorial Museum is a living document of the Second World War, having reminiscence from history’s black chapter.

5: Viking Ship Museum - The Naval Citadel and Countenance

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has several museums, including the world-renowned Viking Ship Museum. The Vikings have preserved their naval descendants, the old sculptured ship boats in the museum. Here, the travellers will come across three vessels dating back to the 9th century, the biggest one is the 70-foot antique Oseberg Ship. There are other ships like the Gokstad Ship, and Tune Ship. Visitors will also find films and displays about naval life culture.

6: Vigeland Sculpture Park - Everything about Sculpture Appears in the Form of Life

Vigeland Sculpture Park is known for 650 sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland. This place is the top attraction for tourists; sculptures are made of wrought iron, bronze, and granite. The material used to create these is difficult to mold, but artists are not bound to anything. The most renowned sculpture categorically defines different phases of human life. Norway is the city of culture and arts, a place where past and present go hand-in-hand. This park is a spectacular place for sculpture lovers and the student fraternity. Students from the fine arts and field of the sculpture will be thrilled to visit the place. The sculpturers at this place have some great old works that amaze the visitors.

7: Lillehammer - The Landscape Charmed by Epics and Beautiful Expressions

Lillehammer is the most famous and favorite place of every tourist, especially in summer charms. Norway is an ostensibly enriching place beholding astonishments and surprises of different kinds. Summer here is very pleasant like a lady in a beguiled soujourn. Lillehammer is an open-air museum, and being here for an epic melodrama makes your day. This place is an art-house with over a hundred historic structures; from eighteenth-century farmhouses, workshops, to a standalone stave church.

Things to Do in Norway

Norway is the country where one finds the balance of old and new cultural harmony, and nature reflects her magic everywhere. This is a place with natural phenomena and adventures activities, visitors will be lost in the snow-capped cascades, long beach lines, and celestial artworks created by the subtle appearance of Northern lights on the hazy night skies. Apart from everything else, Norway is the inhabiting place of the Sami community, a centre of folk ancient cultures and intermingling of languages. Travellers have the opportune time to pack themselves and book cheap flights to Norway and get hooked on the best deals. Here are a few things to do in Norway:

1: Unwind in a Luxurious Train Journey

Train journeys are always special, imagine the train going over the chest of the mountain, birds flying and the unanswered questions blowing in the wind. Book a ticket on a luxury train and set yourself on a heaven-bound journey, where you will exploit the mesmerising beauty of Norway. Norway has the best and easy train routes. The perfect way to explore Norway is travelling on a train; the railways have over 2000 miles of tracks, and having this attractive journey defines the visitors will see Norway in a completely varied outlook.

2: Hike beyond Limits and Strengths

Settled on Norway’s landscape is the Preikestolen, the site to sky-reaching mountains; and a favourite spot for hikers and adventure seekers. Out here the weather changes with an increasing pick, and the higher the ascent, the magical it becomes. Popular hiking point Preikestolen is also known as Pulpit Rock, and it takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete the upside and downside trip. From its gargantuan peak, the hikers have the advantage of catching the glimpse as enticing unlike before. The mountain hikers will experience a momentary loss in the sound of silence. Travellers get high on life, above others while hiking on Norway’s Pulpit Rock.

3: Climb the Top and Feel Alighted

Loen Skylift is the recent addition to Norway’s many vantage points, opened by the Queen of Norway in 2017. Visitors can take the opportunity to book the ticket to the cable car, before a smooth tram transfers you to the acme of Mount Hoven. The visitors will be mesmerised by the view on the peak point. Climbing on the mount as steep as Loen Skylift, provides a learning experience on how to become strong in life while maintaining the balance between dignity and beauty. Loen Skylift is indeed one of the incredible spots that cannot be left aside for any reason.

4: Nature’s Schism and Earth’s Conundrum

Adventure enthusiasts love to be engrossed in one of nature’s astounding creations. As it says earlier; Norway is blessed with nature’s miracle, this mountain is a gravity-defying rock. It hangs more where the earth’s gravitational force is defied. The hike takes 10 to 12 hours to complete this imposing view for a lifetime experience.

5: Discover Norway’s cultural highlights

Norway is where culture goes juxtaposed with harmony; there are many cities that maintain the transmogrified legacy. Oslo is the capital of Norway; it is a place with heritage architecture settled in gothic artifacts. Here visitors will find many museums, housing many important heritage documents.

6: Venture into the remote Arctic circle

This is the extreme Northern site of Norway, the visitor will cruise here out of sheer curiosity for seeking pleasures and adventures. Explore the mysterious fury of nature, while on the journey. The travellers will witness polar bears, white numb glaciers, unique fjords, and many other surprises. Explore the extreme Northern part along the seashore, where many instances of the journey are stored. Begin your journey from Lofoten islands and finish in Kirkenes - and complete the circuit of adventures and cahoots.

7: Journey on Train with Courtesy from Bergen Railway

Norway is a mountainous cascade, and the landscape also has a comprehensive railway network. The huge network meanders through the plains, reaches the alpine tops, and brings the travellers closer to the world of entertainment. The Bergen Railway network journeys through the Hardangervidda plateau, while the Dovre Railway network follows Oslo to Trondheim.

Airlines operating flights to Norway

The major airlines which are connecting international flights from several destinations across the globe to Norway are Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, etc. You can book cheap flight tickets to Norway on these international flights. Look out for the best deals on flights to Norway.


Cheapest flight routes to Norway

Norway is the most popular country in the UK, where travellers come across adventures of unique kinds. Travellers travel here to explore the advanced cities and the cultural overtones. Norway is a country where the heritage and the modern culture are maintained in a balanced and ever-loving way. Flight routes to Norway are directed from various cities of the UK, making your journey comfortable and peaceful. Visit Norway for a lifetime experience.

Flights to Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway, situated in Oslo fjord. This is where industry and nature settle for the commonality of interests. With cheap flights to Norway from UK, travellers have a great scheme to visit and explore their pre-imagined thoughts about this sparkling city.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Oslo 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Birmingham Oslo 5 Hours 05 Minutes
Manchester Oslo 4 Hours 10 Minutes
Glasgow Oslo 4 Hours 35 Minutes
Bristol Oslo 4 Hours 15 Minutes
Liverpool Oslo 6 Hours 20 Minutes

Flights to Tromso

The city is balanced under the hermitage of modernity and traditionalism. The city with an advanced design and blended cultural heritage surprises the travellers in more than one pleasant ways. Book direct flights to Norway from promising cities of the UK; discover the magic of nature’s resplendence.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Tromso 5 Hours 55 Minutes
Birmingham Tromso 8 Hours 40 Minutes
Manchester Tromso 8 Hours 25 Minutes
Glasgow Tromso 7 Hours 45 Minutes
Bristol Tromso 9 Hours 15 Minutes
Liverpool Tromso 9 Hours 50 Minutes

Flights to Bergen

It is the largest port city of Norway, Bergen is a natural harbor city. It has the busiest cruise ship stop-offs. Bergen is the utmost favorite destination for tourists. Exploring Bergen can be on your wish list. Cheap flights to Norway from UK are listed at the authentic online travel agents (OTAs). Book cheap flights to Norway and travel on a budget.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Bergen 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Birmingham Bergen 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Manchester Bergen 4 Hours 45 Minutes
Glasgow Bergen 5 Hours 15 Minutes
Bristol Bergen 5 Hours 35 Minutes
Liverpool Bergen 8 Hours 45 Minutes

Airports in Norway

Norway is the most updated and wealthy country in the UK, equipped with the most advanced infrastructure. The airports feature larger and longer runaways, suave terminals with clear and fresh charts of scheduled flights from several countries all over the world. The security service of Norway is very efficiently decorated, the customs check and migration are well organised.

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
This international airport is the most eventful and has smooth access, the biggest movement of flights to Oslo Norway in the country. Oslo airport connects the city to over 200 terminuses, the flow of passengers of this airport per year is about 27 million people each year. The airport has a two-hour free wifi connection, flexible on-spot restaurants, and cafes.
 Bergen Airport, Flesland
Bergen is one of the busiest Airports located in Flesland, a renowned arrival destination for flights to Norway. Bergen airports have direct flights to over 45 and more international destinations and 15 domestic destinations. Norway has great railway connections, Bybanen Railtrack connects directly to the airport from the city within just 45 minutes. The Bergen Airport authority delivers to several routes from European cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London.
Trondheim Airport, Værnes
Trondheim Airport is situated in the small town Værnes, this is the third main airport in Norway. The airport has one runway and two terminals; terminal A is used for domestic purposes and terminal B fulfils international purpose. The visitor can either avail a bus, or taxi or search for a short train route. Norway airport authority has the best and less complicated check-in systems; the airport has very advanced equipment with frequent flight facilities.
Sandefjord Airport, Torp
Sandefjord Airport Torp is the second airport in Oslo in terms of traffic flow. Recently, the airport authority included Ryanair flights after closing the Moss Airport rygge. The Sandefjord Airport has one terminal for public use; while the right entry to the airport is open for visitors to gain free accessibility to desk enquiry and security checks.
Stavanger Airport, Sola
Stavanger Airport, Sola (SVG) provides routined daily flights to Oslo and is based in Rogaland county. The airport has five domestic flights to the nine routes, the international flights to 37 destinations with 4.5 million passengers every year. Sola Stavanger Airport provides easily affordable ATM machines, rental car services, and free Wi-Fi.
Tromso Airport, Langnes
It is a sprawling international airport established at Langnes in the urban area of Tromso, which falls in the Tromso Municipality. The airport is retained and managed by Avinor. The international airport is the 5th of its kind with heavy traffic flow all through the year. The airport also serves as the principal hub and maintenance zone for Widerøe's regional flights to Finnmark.

Famous cities in Norway

The Norwegian cities are filled with an ideal balance of nature and gorgeous fjords. The cities are also doused in all-encompassing mountainous ranges, besides the stunning landscapes. A few of the idyllic cities in Norway that cannot be missed out from the trip are Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger / Sandnes, Trondheim, Fredrikstad / Sarpsborg, Drammen, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Norway

If you are searching for the cheapest month of flying to Norway, it is April. The months of June and July are considered high seasons.
The ideal seasons of flying to Norway are May and September. In the month of May, Norway witnesses flowers on the trees, and it is refreshing, while September is popular for berry-picking.
November to April are extremely frigid and tourism is extremely reduced. These months are off-season for the tourists and flight tickets are cheap.
The flights to Norway from London take approx. 2 hours. The duration of flights to Norway from Manchester is approx. 4 hours. The flights to Norway from Edinburg will take approx. 4 Hours and 20 Minutes.
Usually, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest times to fly to Norway, but you need to check online and confirm the appropriate fly times.
In general, the price of flying to Oslo, Norway from the UK is approx. £369, while the price of an air ticket for flying to Bergen, Norway from the UK is £507, and the cost of an air ticket is £699 if the traveller is flying from the UK to Trondheim, Norway.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is among the fascinating continents on the planet Earth that qualifies it for being the largest church to an exciting event like the knighted penguin. Besides Norway, there are many other places to visit in Europe, and all of these are enamoured with striking as well as the delicate spread of attractions and tourist destination spots.

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