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Greece is among very few tourist destinations nestled in Europe, which has the element of magnetism, grace as well as the wonders. Several sites in Greece are included in UNESCO's World Heritage. The European country has crystal clear white sand beaches, extensive coastline, and beautifully embellished islands, plus everything else that can be called exciting or overwhelming. Greek culture had been known for development of philosophy, architectural growth, art forms, sporting events and the institutional form of government. Greece has been a citadel and originator of Olympic Games, and all sporting events along with it make an evergreen mark.

The buildings in Greece clearly pinpoint those subtle developments, and these developments were later carried to the West, where they became the foundations of the giant structures. The complexity of ancient worship places in Greece shows a unique sense of solidarity and commitment to expressive art forms used in religion. The more interesting part is that the great Roman rulers of all times like Alexander appreciated the Greek Arts, Architecture and Cultural development, leading to its spread in different parts of the world. Apart from the pristine sandy beaches and imposing architectural structures and impressive temple architecture, several landscapes in Greece have been standing on volcanic lava. The fertility added to landscape is much of a difference, although in an extremely varied sense.

Considering the choice of buying cheap flight tickets to Greece is welcoming because travellers have access to the budget flights leaving them experienced in a completely classy and cosmopolitan hub. There is always a stark parallelism as well as a holistically distinguished nightlife amidst the creative vibes and exciting art sceneries that change on every instance.

Tourism is one of the key driving factors of Greece. Travellers who are travelling to Greece and outside make endearing journeys all through the year. The international tour operations for long has been one of the nerve centre of Greece, but in recent times these operations are supplemented by many domestic tour activities. Cheap flights to Greece is the pleasant way of travelling to fabulous country on budget, and feel amazing about everything around here. And therefore, Greece oozes out spectacular grace along with paradoxes, besides equally astonishing contrasts that turn up a new storyline quite different from the book story.

Places to Visit in Greece

Greece and the dashing tourist destinations around have been constantly changing and living through the endurance of urban class regenerations. Every place in Greece is worth visiting, and everything else seems quite distinguishing. Booking cheap flights to Greece will bring the travellers close to the places that speak of historical developments forming the way through the technological innovations and the modern euphoria. Greece is a small country on the geographical landscape, but it presents varied places of immense interest to the travellers. Typical main lands and the heart throb centers in Greece like Athens, Thessaloniki besides the island destinations such as Corfu, Rhodes and Crete are awesome for their structural and landscape vastness. Cheap flights to the Greece will take travellers to immensely great wondering hot spots, and some of these are:

1: Athens - The Historical Capital of Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities in Greece known for its spectacular and historic sites and the gargantuan architecture and building structures. The capital city is dotted by majestic peaks, subtly manicured parks and landscapes that are verdant and untouched.

2: Thessaloniki - Enriched with Nightlife and Bars

Travellers who like to get absorbed in the night life, move out for Thessaloniki. It is also an enriching tourist destination where the restaurants and bars are open for majority of the night and the young and hip crowd gyrate to the most pepe music scores. Thessaloniki is also known for its preserved sites, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. And beyond everything else, Thessaloniki's gorgeous waterfront walkway presents many panoramic views of the bay and close landmarks.

3: Crete Island - The Biggest Island with Varied Landscape and Offerings for Great Tourism

Crete may seem to appear as an icelandic landscape by its appearance, but a little of deep exploration into the island will give the travellers scintillating views of wild meadows, dense forest cover, great wildlife species, huge mountain ranges, stony coves, long and pristine coastlines and urbane bay areas. This sunny island is also embellished by white sandy beaches.

4: Corfu Island

The spectacular island has a pretty sophisticated location towards the West of the Mainland, nestled within the Ionian Sea. The exclusive Mediterranean climate prevalent on the island offers perfect climate for the growth of Olive beaches. Travellers catch the golden opportunity to snap the breathtaking sights of islands juxtaposing the Corfu Island by climbing atop the Mount of Pantokrator.

5: Island of Rhodes - Island of Rocks and Quaint Nightlife

One of the oldest islands known to exist since the Stone Age happens to constitute mostly of the rugged terrain and long rocky coastline. The northern coastline of Rhodes Island is peculiarly interesting for nightlife, while the southern side is imbued in more of traditional overtone. Cheap flights to Greece will help you reach close to Rhodes Island. Travellers can always hire cabs, taxis or opt for the bus tours.

6: Rethymnon - The Ancient and Well-Preserved Venetian Town

Rethymnon is the hunting ground for the international travellers for one or more than one reasons. The ancient Venetian town incubates a wide range of architecture from the dates going back to the 16th century. The Cave Church of St Anthony Gorge located in Rethymnon is the point of fascination for all its enormous features. The delicacies like Feta sprinkled with Olive Oil and the locally occurring herbs is a great treat. Museum of Wooden Sculptures, Rethymno Military Museum, Rimondi Fountain and St Anthony George are attractive tourist spots.

7: Mykonos Town - Sight of Fully Operational Windmills

The characteristic whitewashed buildings interspersed blue soaring domes indicate the awesomeness of nothing more gargantuan than the Greek architecture. There are numerous twisting streets that travellers would come across in Mykonos, besides the sight of large windmills is always the sight of tourist attraction. The prominent places to visit in the town are Kalafatis Beach, Church of Paraportiani, Aegean Maritime Museum, Rarity Gallery etc. The best places to live around are Mykonos Theoxenia, Belvedere Hotel, Harmony Boutique and Boutique Hotel respectively. Travellers have the opportunity to look around for better accommodations as well.

Things to Do in Greece

The land of Greece is a perfect blend of ancient myths settled in suave modernity. Archeology or Arts or History or Philosophy, Greece showcases all of it to the travellers in varied hues. Travellers visiting Greece may often find themselves infused in austere somnambulism, which is further created by sophistication of landscapes. The sight of Jet Blue seas and the graceful white coloured building structures, obliterated ancient ruins besides the charming museums - Greece brings with it mosaic wonders, which are also splendid and out of this world. Here are a few exciting things that you can indulge into when you step in Greece:

1: Journey to the Acropolis

Acropolis dominates the skyline of Athens. The whole complex of Acropolis is constructed out of sparkling marble. The site had been once a popular place, where the statue of Athena Goddess, titled Athena used to exist. Doric columns, gargantuan temples, and the Acropolis – travellers would feel the walking through the pathways quite exhilarating to the senses. The sight of gorgeous Parthenon is deeply engaging and the senses are further enamoured by the vastness of the structure.

2: Ascent to Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is perhaps in the league of well-known mountain cascades known in the world, where travellers will get a quick run through about Greek mythology. It always becomes an indispensable part of the itinerary for travellers. Mount Olympus is known for Zeus’ throne and the seat of Greek god Hades, who ruled the underworld. The connection with Greek legends comes alive right at Mount Olympus, and the element of adventurism is always there.

3: Discover Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is a manmade lake, quite rare and endowed with plenty of beauty and natural feel. The extent of impressiveness is added by oak and chestnut trees. The idea of canoeing or rafting alongside hiking and horse-riding on natural trails further brings adventure. In fact, it is the excitement all through the Lake Plastira, which cannot be ignored even for a moment.

4: Appreciate the Greek Architecture in Santorini

Santorini or the island of Thira, and it is the heaven of honeymooners as it brings the picture perfect postcard appearances. The traditionalism seen in Cycladic homes extols after these shine white as sun rays fall on them. The homes further exuberate the effervescence and simultaneously create a wonderful contrast created by deep blue seas and churches. Since the landscape of the island is created from volcanic eruptions, travellers would get a glimpse of fertility exuberating everywhere.

5: Stopover at Delphi

Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the key tourist spots that travellers would never like to exclude from their wish list. Resting adjacent to Mount Parnassus, Delphi is a popular pilgrimage site addressed to Greek god Apollo. The god is known for its healing, prophecy, music, and light. Delhi also serves as the pleasurable place who wants to discover Greece from an entirely different sense and commitment. It is where travellers will be delighted by ancient ruins, theatres and huge stadiums.

6: Reconnoiter the Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is huddled on the spectacular island of Crete and is indispensable for travellers who love nature and want to explore its beauty from an entirely new social outlook. The 16 kms. length of this gorge is truly excellent for taking long distance treks. Besides, several guided tours are also organised here, which really serves out as a great welcome.

7: Explore the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is indeed the most beautiful and modern attraction in Athens. It is entirely a new addition to the Athenian landscape. A close inspection of the museum will give travellers an overwhelmed feel, especially because of constructions made from cut-pieces of edge glass amalgamated by steel. The popular signature pieces installed within the museum include the statue of Moschophoros, and the marbles of Parthenon, and each of these are enormous in their own sense.

Airlines operating flights to Greece

Greece is widely connected to the rest of Europe, besides Asia, North America, South America, Africa and even beyond. Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines are two prominent international Greek airlines operating domestic and international flights to the European mainland. British Airways, easyJet etc. offer full-serviced cheap flights to Greece from Manchester, Birmingham and London. Search for the cheap flight tickets to Greece and compare from the best deals to fly to Greece on budget.


Cheapest flight routes to Greece

Airline traffic directed to Greece is high, and this supports the fact that travellers from the UK, Europe, far West, Middle East and Asian countries yearn excessively of flying to this excessively fascinating country. The gorgeous European country is abounding with Cliffside destinations, and several beachside vacation spaces. Besides the last minute flight deals to Greece and the cheap flight tickets to Greece there are other offers from the premium international airlines available. Cheapest flight routes to Greece from London, Birmingham and other airports in the UK on Wizz Air UK, Ryanair, easyJet etc. are operated throughout the year.

Flights to Santorini

Santorini is a terrific island known for its resounding gorgeousness and falls within the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. The island has a precise location between Anafi and the Los. Travellers will get a completely bewildering sight of splendid sunsets and vivid views of skylines of Santorini and the surrounding sea. Cheap flight routes to Santorini from Heathrow, London, and Birmingham etc. can be availed on quick online booking.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Santorini 3 Hours 53 Minutes
Birmingham Santorini 3 Hours 50 Minutes
Manchester Santorini 4 Hours 03 Minutes
Glasgow Santorini 4 Hours 40 Minutes
Bristol Santorini 3 Hours 54 Minutes
Liverpool Santorini 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Flights to Crete

The island of Crete is super charming, and enthralled with the most astonishing natural beauty. Crete is also a remarkable destination and the site for surprising places like Imbros Gorge, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Old Venetian Harbor and many more. Cheap last minute flight deals as well as regular flights are connected to Crete from London, Birmingham and other international airports in the UK.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Crete 4 Hours 00 Minutes
Birmingham Crete 4 Hours 02 Minutes
Manchester Crete 4 Hours 11 Minutes
Glasgow Crete 4 Hours 25 Minutes
Bristol Crete 3 Hours 59 Minutes
Liverpool Crete 4 Hours 10 Minutes

Flights to Mykonos

Mykonos is the citadel of high voltage and amazing party settings and glaring with bars that spruce up richness, beauty and spectacular nightlife. This big party city is accessible by cheap flights from premium international airlines. The flights to Mykonos are booked from online travel agents. There are fascinating deals happening on the flight tickets happening in the wee hours of the day also.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Mykonos 3 Hours 49 Minutes
Birmingham Mykonos 4 Hours 09 Minutes
Manchester Mykonos 4 Hours 04 Minutes
Glasgow Mykonos 3 Hours 55 Minutes
Bristol Mykonos 4 Hours 00 Minutes
Liverpool Mykonos 3 Hours 40 Minutes

Airports in Greece

Tourism is one of the key deciding factors in the Greek’s growing economy. Airports work as the strong backbone of the tourism and transfer the local and international travellers to and from different locations. The top airports, which are operational in Greece are flooded by international airlines throughout the year. Here are a few international airports, which supply to Greece's economy:

Athens International Airport
Popularly known as Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, it is the biggest international airport and possibly the 19th in terms of traffic activity. The airport is a principal hub of Aegean Airlines. Athens International Airport is also the principal member in the category of Group 1 within the Airports Council International.
Heraklion International Airport
The international airport with highest business activity after Athens International Airport. The airport is named after popular author Nikos Kazantzakis. It is established in the vicinity of Alikarnassos. The airport is known by several names like Iraklion, Iraklio and Heraclion.
Thessaloniki Airport
It is the third largest international airport and has the second busiest tourist activity all through the year. Thessaloniki Airport is serving famous tourist destinations like Chalkidiki and located close to Central Macedonia. The international airport is a comfortable environment, and is packed with a wide range of options ideal for travelling.
Rhodes International Airport
Also known by other popular names like the Diagoras International Airport, this international airport is situated on western side of Rhodes Island in Greece. The airport is known for being the fourth airport in terms of the busiest activity in Greece. The passenger activity within the airport is very high all through the year.
Corfu International Airport
The international airport is operated and owned by the government of Greece and is located on the Island of Corfu in Kerkyra. The airport is designed to operate for scheduled as well as chartered commercial flights. The peak operational seasons are April and October.
Chania International Airport
The attractive and sprawling international airport situated close to Souda Bay over the Akrotiri peninsula Crete Island and meeting travelling requirements of Chania city. Daskalogiannis is another alternative airline of Chania International Airport. The airport has high business activity, and ranked among the top six busy airports.
Kos International Airport
The high technology international airport established on the island of Kos in Greece near Andimachia Village, is under the supervision and management of Fraport AG. The entire range of operations that run inside the airport is managed by Swissport. Summers witness high peak time with many cheap flights to Greece from Germany, Britain and many other countries.
Santorini International Airport
Santorini (Thira) International Airport is strategically located to the Southeast of Santorini/Thira, Greece, and is capable of serving a maximum of nine civilian airliners. The interesting point here is that the airport can hold midsize Jets like Boeing 757, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 series in addition to small body Avro RJ, Fokker 70, and ATR 72.
Zakynthos International Airport
The fabulous international airport is located in the beach town of Kalamaki. It is also one of the privatised airports in Greece, which is not completely operational in the night, and Greek authorities hold the right to ensure movement of flights to and fro. Zakynthos International Airport is situated close to Zakynthos town and is associated with Laganas, Tsilivi and Kalamaki respectively.

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Famous cities in Greece

Imagining picturesque locations in Greece is not disguised underneath any robe, because what meets the eyes of inquisitive travellers always creates an epic. The hillside hamlets in Santorini, or the idyllic Mykonos or island of Corfu, Greece has never ending excitement and pleasure trails to serve the zeal of travellers on every occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Greece

In the sense of everything else, the low cost months for booking flights to Greece are September, October and November. Travellers who intend to book the flight in the month of September can avail good savings.
Usually, the travellers who plan for Greece from the UK, can look for the months of September, October and November. Besides, April to June are also considered as the ideal months.
In general, November through March are the off months for flying to Greece from the UK. Since the winters are not extreme in Greece, the comfort of flying is always there.
The flight from London to Athens, Greece usually takes more than 3 Hours. Similarly, the flights fly from Manchester to Heraklion, Greece in almost 4 hours. There are also flights flying from Birmingham to Corfu in a little more than 3 Hours.
November is considered as the cheapest month to fly to Greece, as during this month, in general, the prices seem to be 18% cheaper.
The average cost of flying from the UK to Greece is £127. On a good deal, a flight ticket from the UK to Greece in general costs £73 and is available for return flight.

Best places to visit in Europe

The southeastern European nation is replete with many magnificent places, which amaze the travellers. With hundreds of fascinating islands, and landmarks from the 5th century establishing a subtle parallelism to sun basked coastlines, Europe has splurging greatness. Travellers round up for superb journeys to European lands like Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Swiss Alps, Amsterdam etc.

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