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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (generally addressed as United Kingdom and acronymically as UK) is situated in the British Isles off the Northwest coast of Europe. Known to be the fifth largest economy globally, the UK attracts the travellers from wider dimensions and ethnic groups all through the year. Cheap flights to and from the UK fly regularly, connecting the famous vacation destinations closely. The UK and its hinterland offers euphonic landscape views, which would tranquilise the imagination of travellers at least for a moment. Quite interestingly, travellers from across the globe select Great Britain because it provides limitless tourist spots and many of these spots also have unique histrionics reeling behind them.

In a span of time, the UK was infused in novel and innovative Western Ideas, such as democracy, capitalism, realism and many more. All of it had been instrumental in building up new ways of living besides global tourism activities. Cheap flights to the UK provide imposing sceneries and enthralling views that are just one of its kind. Regions that are otherwise considered urban and most advanced are blessed with natural beauty. The tapestry in these new age cities is demarcated by the tint of great ancient buildings from the bygone era. Flights to united kingdom offer plenty of destination centres, which make a whole lot of difference in developing creative abilities.

The UK upholds under her garb manicured greenery, which is visible in the botanical gardens. Enjoying a walk on any usual day in these gardens would transform heart and soul of the travellers completely. It is an offbeat experience, which is well-intentioned of living until the end. The psychedelic views in these gardens come from the trees, shrubs, temples and the scenic views. Castles and Palaces in the UK offer a unique level of sensibility to the travellers altogether. These grand structures bring around esoteric moments of time, tales of royalty, and uniqueness of architecture. Many captivating landscapes continue to grow up around the castles, and these have been encompassed by moats besides the drawbridge for providing good level of protection.

Travellers from around the globe are also left in extreme bewilderment when they catch the sight of Stonehenge in England. Furthermore, tourists travelling to Scotland are introduced to the Scottish Highland Games like the Tug of War, Sheep Dog demonstration and much more. All of it seemingly adds to high level of amazement. This is where the family vacation settles in the ultimate realism. The stunning mountainous views in the zones extending to the North of Lake District and in Pennines oozes terrific magnificence. The challenging hiking on this place brings instant excitement where the enjoyment begins to double up and energies simply charge up.

Places to Visit in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a conglomerate of counties is dotted by new fascinating tourist spots and enriching diversity. The varied scenic landscapes besides well-preserved landscapes, estates, and castles lend this country with alarming spots, which are quite different and peculiar in their character. Appeal of the United Kingdom is further enhanced to umpteen levels when the sight of the tourists find themselves in the wonders created out of the symmetrical placement of museums and sophisticated art galleries. This is the unique euphony set up on the land that ruled most part of the world. The description of United Kingdom’s most recognisable destinations is more than what is described in books. Here are a few best places to visit in the United Kingdom:

1: London - The Spectacularly Festooned Capital of Modern Times

Irrespective of the fact that travellers visit London for many business and other offbeat reasons, they cannot afford to miss sighting of Big Ben as well as Houses of Parliament adjacent to River Thames. Besides, a day trip to Tower of London is worthwhile. The tower is a symbolic representation of UK’s royalty and also highlights prominence in form of weaponry and Jewel House. Travellers who carry with them the fascination of catching glimpse of royal family, would take steps towards the Buckingham Palace. The palace is lavish and resembles Royal Home from the time of Queen Victoria.

2: Edinburgh - The Preserved and Gorgeous Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is a fascinating capital of Scotland, and indeed it ranks high among the popularity charts. This is the place, where travellers will come across preserved architectures, including the huge Edinburg Castle. The castle lies on rocky outcrop with key highlights like the figurative One O' Clock Salute offered regularly at Half Moon Battery and the home of Scottish Crown Jewels.

3: Roman-Era Bath - Georgian Architecture and Roman Baths

The fabulous ancient city takes its unique name after the popular Roman Baths, and it continues to lure the new age travellers to bathe here and feel recharged from the waters gushing from three hot water springs. The waters have medicinal properties. There are also several adjacent Spas, the popular one is Thermae Bath Spa. Another exciting factor about the City of Bath is its awesome Georgian architecture, which is truly class apart.

4: Stonehenge - Pilgrimage and Renowned World Heritage Site

Few places become popular out of their timelessness, and Stonehenge located in the ancient city of Salisbury is one such place to strike travellers who intend to travel to the UK. These huge structures arranged in a specific order keep the travellers in a complete awestruck situation for hours. The Stonehenge is indeed a classic example of ingenuity. The neighbouring Salisbury is a popular and old pilgrimage sight as well as home to popular cathedrals.

5: Windsor Castle - The Epic Town Created Out of a Faint Dream

The town of Windsor, although it may seem quite historic, offers plenty of tourism to the international travellers. Located along the banks of River Thames and well appointed by several old styled half-timbered constructions, the castle depicts a great history of its own. Being the largest castle, which is inhabited by the royalty, travellers would like to visit the State Apartments that houses the Queen's Gallery and beautifully arranged dining hall.

6: The Cotswolds and Lake District - The Photogenic Site with a Godly Like Character

Situated on the hinterland, the gorgeous Cotswolds is gifted with awesome landscapes that would entice the travellers to photograph it at least for once. Beyond doubt, Cotswolds has pristine landscape, and integrated to the counties such as Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire. This is also a enormous place to experience a typical rural English life. Travellers could discover superb sights of old-fashioned villages and idyllic pasturelands.

7: Canterbury - Simply Beautiful and Wholly Historic in Its Structure

Among the many popular reasons to visit Canterbury is the Cathedral, which is recognised as the home to Archbishop of Canterbury. The cathedral here has complicatedly carved masonry on the exterior and equally pleasing interior. Canterbury is located at a few minutes’ walk from the EuroTunnel, and is a popular pilgrimage site with a history of more than 1,500 years. Canterbury enjoys UNESCO World Heritage ranking.

Things to Do in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is replete with lot of action, and uniquely defined excitement, which is hard to find elsewhere in any other country. A regular stroll on any day of the year will confront the travellers with multiplicity of cultures, ancient languages and communities apart from traditions and legends. United Kingdom has been all time heaven for surfers, mountaineers, rural trekkers, rock climbers and this is also the island nation where travellers will get the opportunity to unpack in the glassy lochs. Travellers at some point of time might be wondering on the idea as to what things can really make up the real day in the UK! The country with nicely manicured green landscapes resting in absolute silence under clear starry sky, travellers will come across several things of their interest. All they need is cheap flight ticket to the UK, and rest is all about spending exciting days.

1: Giggle Out of Your Guts at the Edinburgh Fringe

August is the time when the skyline of Scotland is transformed into a completely new stage by none other comedians, jesters and performers from varied backgrounds. It is indeed the biggest festival of arts in Edinburgh, where travellers would be introduced by experimental comedy and renowned stars and much more.

2: Stroll the National Parks

The United Kingdom may appear to have limited landscape, but its countryside is enormous, and extremely varied, comprising the undulating green hills and antique woodland to inspiring mountain summits, calm lakes and rough moors. In this vivid description of the UK lies as many as 15 National Parks that extend from Norfolk Broads, wilderness of Exmoor to Lake District and Peak District as well as touching the darkness enshrouding the skies of Northumberland.

3: Experience the Mysticism of Cornwall Clifftops

Travellers who want to feel the fantastical mysticism plus magic, they are recommended to head to Cornwall’s clifftops. The exceptionally eccentric and magical charms of Cornwall are enough to keep travellers amazed and awe-struck. Basically, this romantic relates to the legend of King Arthur and the beach down below marks the representation of ‘Merlin’s Cave.’

4: Conspire at Stonehenge

The conspiracy theories do several rounds where there is a legend, and this is perfectly true in case of Stonehenge. The ancient stone circles standing in historic Salisbury Plain have been the attraction of many travellers and therefore, it is one of the interesting places to visit. It is the place where traveller’s imagination begins to conspire on several ideas including the supernatural and extraterrestrial origin of Stonehenge.

5: Seals exploration at Blakeney Point in Norfolk

The north of Norfolk coastline is quite an interesting spot to visit and then moments afterwards head straight to Blakeney for discovering seals, salt marshes, sand dunes, and sea birds. Returning back to dry landscape, travellers have the benefit to view the sight of beautiful hamlets of Blakeney, Stiffkey, Cley-next-the-Sea besides Wells-next-the-Sea. Not beyond the doubt, Holkham Beach is a superb sight to visit too.

6: Hunt for the Fossils on the Jurassic Coast

The shoreline on the South England is branded as the Jurassic Coast popular for its geological amazement and historical relevance. Travellers can also think of extending their travelling plan to visit stunning cliffs at Beer, the momentous seaside town of Lyme Regis, the far-reaching shingle ridge located at Chesil Beach, Old Harry Rocks and golden sands of West Bay.

7: Visit to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are indeed one of the oldest, and closest historic rivals popular for their economic prowess. Among many reasons of visiting the campuses of these universities, travellers have opportunity to come across fascinating building architecture, treasured libraries chronicled with age old journals and books, and publication centres, which hold immense reputation.

Airlines operating flights to United Kingdom

United Kingdom is widely connected to international cities and the countries through a network of airlines. British Airways, Jet2, Loganair, Eastern Airways etc. are a few of the airlines that connect United Kingdom to the rest of international destination spots. At, travellers can now search and book cheap flight tickets to United Kingdom, and compare prices.


Cheapest flight routes to United Kingdom

Cheapest flight routes to United Kingdom London's Heathrow Airport routes at least 409 domestic flights and 2,405 international flights each week. Luton Airport in London, UK routes12 domestic flights and 140 international flights. The Gatwick Airport in London routes 12 domestic flights and 86 international flights every week. Look out for the cheap flights and compare the best deals on flights to United Kingdom. With more than a thousand airlines available, travellers have more options available at any point of time to find out the cheapest flight routes to United Kingdom.

Flights to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is popular as the Scotland's condensed, attractive and hilly capital, packed with manicured gardens and neoclassical buildings. Areas such as the Calton Hill is dotted by the monuments and memorials in the honour of distinguished people. Shop and compare the flights to Edinburgh as these are available on the affordable costs and attractive deals.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Edinburgh 1 Hour 22 Minutes
Birmingham Edinburgh 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Manchester Edinburgh 1 Hour 08 Minutes
Glasgow Edinburgh 5 Hours 00 Minutes
Bristol Edinburgh 1 Hour 14 Minutes
Liverpool Edinburgh 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Flights to Belfast

Belfast is a well-known city for variety of things, and among these is the production of Linen. The city is called Linenopolis for this reason. Besides, there is shipbuilding and tobacco production industry as well. Cheap flights to Belfast add value to the travelling. The experience in travelling is ongoing and engaging.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Belfast 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Birmingham Belfast 1 Hour 05 Minutes
Manchester Belfast 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Glasgow Belfast 45 Minutes
Bristol Belfast 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Liverpool Belfast 50 Minutes

Flights to London

London is the biggest and the most advanced cosmopolitan cities offering unbelievable options of restaurants and museums. Even the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are great places to look around. The state of the art shopping experiences that travellers gain while shopping in London is class apart. There are cheap flight to London available and travellers can check out the best options after comparing the best deals.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
Birmingham London 3 Hours 00 Minutes
Manchester London 1 Hour 08 Minutes
Glasgow London 1 Hour 26 Minutes
Bristol London 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Liverpool London 3 Hours 15 Minutes

Airports in United Kingdom

International journeys begin from the airports, and the meeting points of these journeys are also the airports. Analysing from the perspective of the United Kingdom, it is the home to largest, and most astonishing airports in the Europe. Several of these airports have also been acclaimed as having the busiest single-runway airports, quite instrumental in creating value in the air journeys. Flights to united kingdom can be booked quickly. Few of the top ranking airports in the United Kingdom are:

London Heathrow Airport
Initially named as London Airport is one of the prominent and six international airports operating in London. The airport ability is operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings. The airport has been accorded as the third busiest airport if considered on the basis of international passenger traffic held. Cheap flights to the UK are operational at London Heathrow Airport.
 Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport, operating initially as Ringway Airport, is a well-kempt and state of the art international airport situated at Ringway, Manchester, England. The airport was awarded the title of third busiest airport of the United Kingdom by passenger numbers served. Manchester Airport has three operational passenger terminals and the cargo terminal. Flights to united kingdom land touch the tarmac here.
Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport, popular as the London Gatwick, is prominent international airport located at Crawley, West Sussex, England. On account of the total passenger traffic, Gatwick Airport is ranked as the second-busiest airport. The airport is 10th busiest airport in European continent.
Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport is a sophisticated airport strategically situated in the Ingliston region of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is owned by Global Infrastructure Partners and was once known to be 6th busiest airport of the United Kingdom based on the total passengers handled annually. Edinburgh Airport is integrated with one runway and one passenger terminal.
Birmingham Airport
Birmingham Airport is a sophisticated international airport situated at the East-southeast of Birmingham city centre, falling in Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, England. The airport was earlier put to use for the wartime production purposes and flight training. Birmingham Airport had been once the busiest airport on basis of passenger handling.
Bristol Airport
The commercial airport, earier run as Bristol International Airport, is strategically located at Lulsgate Bottom, which falls on the Northern slopes of the Mendip Hills, adjacent to North Somerset. The airport was previously the 8th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic handled. EasyJet and Ryanair have Bristol Airport as their operational basis.
Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Airport, popular as Glasgow International Airport and once known as Abbotsinch Airport, is an international airport situated in Scotland. The airport has been accorded as the second busiest airports in Scotland and falling line with the Edinburg Airport, and 9th busiest airport within the United Kingdom. The international airport is managed as well as functioned by AGS Airports, which is also owning and operating the Aberdeen and Southampton Airports.
Belfast International Airport
Belfast International Airport, earlier known by the name as Aldergrove Airport, is located on Northwest of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The principal flights from Belfast International are regularly operated by easyJet, which is Northern Ireland's biggest airline. The Belfast International Airport has operational flights to a few of European metropolitan and several leisure destinations, with seasonal flying operations directed towards United States.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport
The international airport, originally known as Speke Airport, is situated in Liverpool, England. It was constructed on banks of the estuary of the River Mersey, on the South-east of Liverpool city centre. The advanced facility on airport eventually brands it to be fastest growing commercial airports of the Europe. The airport has single passenger terminal, three general purpose hangars, a FedEx Express courier service centre plus a single runway.

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Famous cities in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is brimming with gorgeousness, and every time travellers visit here, plenty of activities and travelling options come up for exploration. London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool etc. are some of the best places that travellers can really think of visiting in the United Kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to United Kingdom

If you have the plans to book flight to United Kingdom, make sure you book it at least a month before your date of travelling. October is the cheapest month to fly to United Kingdom. It is important to search for the deals at any authentic website of travel agent.
The best time for visiting to the United Kingdom is usually spring, which is late March to early June. Travellers can also opt for the autumn season that falls between September and November.
In general sense, the off season for travelling to the United Kingdom is November to March. Travellers can quickly search for the best deals on flights to United Kingdom. These deals come with price saving offers.
Usually the average flight duration from United States to London, United Kingdom is 9 hours, 30 minutes. However, this flight duration may largely vary depending on the country and time zone. You can always check from the aggregator’s website.
Generally, the cheapest fly time to United Kingdom is February. There are cheap flights to United Kingdom offered by American Airlines, British Airways, Air India, Delta, Iberia, etc.
The flights to the UK from USA may cost the traveller anywhere between GBP 750 and 1970 on average. It is also significant to note here that the ticket cost may vary in a dramatic way depending on the season, and the flying class. The cost of flight ticket may likely to exceed if you are flying during the peak season.

Best places to visit in Europe

The cities and countries in Europe represent richness, elaborateness and high quality life. These cities and countries are popular for their exclusive restaurants, enriching nightlife and wonderful architecture. The gothic style museums highlight renaissance and awe. A few of the best places to visit Europe are Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Swiss Alps, Amsterdam and Santorini.

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