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Belgium is an example of a nicely blended cultural multi-dimensional country having a socio-economic and political balance, and the balance is ultimately instilled in intellectualism. Off late, the nation has become an alluring travel destination for travel thirsty travellers, who not only like to explore but live in the world of overstated excitement. The country has a harmonica gesture, and even in its constitutional edifice, the country shares common borders with the Netherlands, Germany, and France. The elected government in Belgium shares a flexible bond with the laity through its wealth oriented systems. The constitution of Belgium is designed in a manner wherein the travellers communicate in Dutch, German, and French languages.

The principal spoken language of Belgium is French; most of the region speaks French, which comes as a result of the traditional connection. The religious aspects of this country blend together the simplicity and the spirituality, and all of it comes up with a secular approach. Belgium shows the coexistence of Roman Catholicism and Jewish cultures, and this is the reason one could see a few instances of the Jewish churches. Belgium is an absolute example of cultural and religious kinship.

The most highly populated country in Europe, Belgium has a well-organised urban culture with the most modernised technologies and transport communications. Cities are built on sophistication and travellers get the feel that places are entirely composed of a truly sacred atmosphere. The country has a distinctive sense of art, colored paintings like Mosan Art, Baroque paintings with many more enriching styles than ever. Every painting has a subtle portrayal and looking at the arts, inquisitive travellers will find several types of camouflages in varied colours. The medieval era of Belgium takes the form of grand architectures created from Baroque and gothic styles. The virtuousness of these documents certainly leaves the travellers in completely ethereal vibes, becoming more highlighted with the fluidity of time.

While talking about the paintings and architecture of Belgium, this country holds a classified position on music, the melodiousness and classic richness have given birth to some classic music and great symphonies of all times. Folklore is the heritage of Belgian culture; thousands of people pass through the insinuating streets doused in spectacular processions, embellished by several giants, dragons, and miniatures taken from myths. Belgium’s cities set a precedent of modernity and cultural sacredness, every city has its own colour, sprinkling through architecture, music, paintings, and many unfolded activities.

Grand Place is the principal heartthrob center in Brussels, with outstanding documentaries of Gothic and Baroque styles. Ghent city is often known as the city of education, marked by numerous universities, museums, and churches. Belgium is where the denizens have a winding approach to food culture. The country is often known as the birthplace of the world-famous mouth-licking French fries. Several flavoured chocolates, waffles, and mayonnaises are also the main attractions here. Apart from mainstream foods, Belgium has a huge array of exotic beers. In fact, the low land country has a sprawling green and plenty of other flavoured grape fields. One who has tasted the Belgian beer will experience the legacy, temperament and a truly composed enrichment.

Places to Visit in Belgium

From mystic history to the existing times, Belgium is beleaguered with attractions that keep travellers enthralled. While roaming around the old town, travellers will be happy to look at the glimpse of the antiquities finding the way through ancient designed structures like gothic churches, forts, etc. Classic paintings, open-air music theaters sprawling fields of green grapes, along with the cozy comfy cafés - travellers will witness romantic thrills as they book cheap flights to Belgium. The harmonic culture of Belgium and the warm gesture of people travellers will be involved with this beguiled, and an ultra-charming country.

1: Ghent Altarpiece - Explore the Worshiper’s Art

Avid travellers may have seen many medieval churches across European countries, but Belgium has also evolved as the birthplace of spiritual artworks. The holy city of Ghent has Saint Bavo’s Catholic Church - the citadel of Early Flemish painters’ artworks created by the embryonic artist van Eyck brothers. In this church, tourists are sure to come across the magnificent oil art forms, called Polyptych altarpieces. These special art forms gel with the tone of Christ’s death celebrations, created as the result of characteristic structures.

2: Bruges - Explore the Romanticism of the Primitive City

Human mind is always full of fantasies, if one feels to relive the primitive era of imagination with the love of their life, Bruges is the place that has well preserved the medieval aura. Roaming around in the cityscape, the travellers will find the tints of antique Baroque buildings and forts. They can also opt for dreamy boat rides through the deep canals with the loved ones sitting beside, as the wind gently swerves the skin surface. Soon the time is opportune when the faint and murmuring sound of crystal clear water waves begin to enrich the souls.

3: Namur - The Muse Valley

The small panoramic city is located in South-central Belgium, separating the North and the South by the two rivers Meuse and Sambre. Namur, the small town, is decorated with picturesque landscapes and dense green forests. The stronghold of Namur stands on a promontory above the city and is a great place to enjoy sweeping views of the valley and a fun place to explore. The biggest tourist attraction is in the heart of the old town along with the Rue de Fer., where tourists can find shops and cafes, as well as several good museums.

4: Brussels - Primordial Magnetism of Europe

The heart of Europe, Brussels is the most popular place among tourists. Not only because it’s the capital of Belgium, but is also the headquarters of the Belgian Royal Family, besides the European Union. The city reflects a diversified culture; it has an old town area with ancient architectural buildings, churches, and the royal family palace. Brussels is also a place of warm, comfy restaurants and cafes, seen as the representation of gastronomic traditions.

5: Ypres - The Place of True Warriors

Ypres is a city with a history of warfare and is famous for various battles since ancient times. And it was devastated by the Red Army during the First World War. For an informative glimpse of the country's media, history, and combat, visit the Flanders Plains Museum, located in the largest Lakenhalle Ypres on the Grote Markt, on the main street. The most famous attractions in Ypres are the over-a-thousand stamping halls of medieval structures and the Menin Gate Memorial. The Menin's Gate is a witness to the history of war. From this place, the forces marched to battle, and today the place is in the memory of the British army who sacrificed and served for the extreme cause.

6: Antwerp - The Quaint Port City with Artsy Touch

The harbor town of Antwerp has several ethnic and ancient sites to discover. The city is mostly known for its industrial and arty inspirations. The city’s landscape and its maximum imperative constructions are placed in and around the Grote Markt or Grand market, in the temperament of the Old Town. The area is marked by prominent places like the 16th-century Town Hall, the butcher's shops, and the Rubens House.

7: Ardennes - A place with Striking Landscape

Travelling is not only to see new places but to learn and understand the nature of animals. Ardennes is further a pastoral part of Belgium, situated on a seashore, but covers more than half of the country’s area. The place is engulfed with thick forests and high altitude hills and travellers come here for adventures like trekking, biking, camping etc. It serves as a home to several wild animals; tourists from different continents come here to see the wild range.

Things to Do in Belgium

Belgium, with its rainbow-colours essence in every corner, provides travellers with an awestruck experience. Imagine walking down the streets or wandering around, suddenly the traveller comes across a boy or girl in hippie clothes painting huge graffiti on the walls. Taking a stroll on any day of the year in Belgium will have travellers amazed from traditional cultures and the randomness of art. Float through the canals or rivers and explore every colour of ancient and contemporary Belgium.

Speaking of Belgium's cultural harmony and heritage impression, the country has also maintained an exclusive and diverse food culture. Belgium invented a wide range of chocolates, waffles, and some of the most incredible tasting beers. The country is known for its unique and best tasting beers. And with a perfect atmosphere and pure ambience, while enjoying the food and drinks, the whole journey is eventually manifested as an unforgettable expedition. Book cheap flights to Belgium and experience a never forgetting trip. Let’s go through some interesting pieces of information about activities that one never wants to miss while travelling to Belgium.

1: Explore the Comic City

Augment the love and taste for comics, in Brussels; the city is significantly proclaimed as the "comic’s capital" of the world. There are more comic shops than in any further town. Belgium has some extraordinary comic talents to the likes of classic characters like Tintin and Smurfs; remarkably profound amongst children, known to induce moments of didactic culture while growing social development in them. The comic newspapers or parody paintings across the city benefit the travellers about intellectualism and the humorous appeal of Belgium.

2: Feed your Taste with free Belgium Chocolate

Belgium is the dream country for mouth-watering rich flavoured chocolates. The local shops of Neuhaus offer several types of rich Belgian chocolates and muse, but very few travellers are aware of the fact that they can pluck and taste free samples of Belgian chocolates. This gesture shows the generosity of its culture and people.

3: Kayaking, Explore the Outdoor Sports

Ardennes is famously known for water activities like kayaking and canoeing. Travellers only could imagine Kayaking through the wavy, shallow waters, and listening to the melodious rhythm of nature. The three rivers namely Ourthe, Semois, and Lesse are considered to be perfect for kayaking and canoeing, especially for the beginners. Because of its still waterflow, less wide currents it provides the best kayaking experience.

4: Take a Visit to the Free Museums

Belgium has a distinct identity of museums in Europe. But the main interesting part is, it has six free museums on fine arts, contemporary arts, etc. Wiertz Museum is located in the former studio and residence of the Belgian artist Antonio Wiertz. There is only one gallery of Belgian art that is less known to the public and the museum has great benefits such as free access for the tourists to visit, with less crowded museum halls. Perhaps if travellers are facing budget issues or just for the sake of exploring, can visit this exclusive art museum.

5: Waterloo - The Land of a Prodigious War

Almost everyone reads and knows about the great waterloo war, imagine travelling can bring one to this historic land. Waterloo is situated in the jurisdiction of Wallon Brabant. Standing on the ground where the once-great soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte and his army fought, is indeed a breathtaking experience for any travellers. In current days, the land is now filled with lush green grass and decorated with a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, the place well maintained by the municipal authority, with great respect.

6: Semois Valley - Nature’s Delightful Child

With beautiful rural plains, the Semois valley is one of the quietest fields in Belgium. If a traveller is tired of roaming around the city cluelessly and wanting to get close to the view of the ancient Belgian city and its bay, this valley offers an exotic natural view. Semois is a deep floating river that flows through mountains, and feeds the farmland crops like her own child. And the travellers could discover the whole river view and the hidden beauties of the mountains by hiking.

7: Cycling - Discover Belgium’s Historical Cities on Pedals

Cycling is one of Belgium's most recommended and reputed sports. Most travellers around the world are unaware that Belgium has participated in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and won medals in cycling. Even travellers can experience a cycle ride and feel the bewitching excitement to trace the cities. Book cheap flights to Belgium and cleanse the body and mind from within.

Airlines operating flights to Belgium

Travellers planning to travel from and to the UK and Belgium can take advantage of the most established Belgian flights. Get best deals on international flights to Belgium with exciting offers on premium international airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Australian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines Lisbon etc. Some of these airlines offer direct flights to Belgium from the UK along with all the comforts beyond imagination.


Cheapest flight routes to Belgium

Belgium is one of the centers of attraction in Europe and maintains a virtuous status across the globe serving popular businesses: a state-of-the-art airport, high fundamentals, confidential design ideas, and rigorous design. From its cultural sacredness to quality city life, with its stable socio-economic structure, the country has a unique story to explore. One of the distinguishing features of Belgium airports is longer runways and the airports here, provide facilities for multiple charter and long haul flights to land from various countries around the world. All airports in Belgium are safeguarded and are properly prepared for customs inspections and transfers. Brussels airport also serves the other major cities of Belgium such as Ghent, Bruges etc.

Flights to Brussels

Brussels is the heart of Europe and capital of Belgium. The city is decorated with ancient structured buildings, forts, grand music theaters, and art museums. Travellers have the option to opt from many reputed airlines like Ryanair, Blue Air, Brussels Airlines, etc for flying to Brussels. Brussels airport is one of the major international airports and provides services worldwide. With cheap flights to Belgium from UK, travellers will pick the best option with their aspirations and explore the uniqueness of the cities of Belgium.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Brussels 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Birmingham Brussels 4 Hours 25 Minutes
Manchester Brussels 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Glasgow Brussels 4 Hours 20 Minutes
Bristol Brussels 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Liverpool Brussels 7 Hours 55 Minutes

Flights to Bruges

Bruges, the city of fantasies, has the old fairytale romantic essences. With its picturesque view and serene natural phenomena, the place has a special meditative spirit. Tourists will find the best routes to Bruges like London Heathrow to Bruges or London Gatwick to Bruges. With direct flights to Bruges from UK, explore the journey with utmost satisfaction.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Bruges 14 Hours 40 Minutes
Birmingham Bruges 12 Hours 20 Minutes
Manchester Bruges 13 Hours 50 Minutes
Glasgow Bruges 16 Hours 40 Minutes
Bristol Bruges 15 Hours 25 Minutes
Liverpool Bruges 26 Hours 10 Minutes

Flights to Antwerp

Best known as the harbor city of Belgium, Antwerp has the biggest and major port in the world. It is famous for its merchandise and unique ancient artifacts. The travellers will witness the reeling beauty of different sparkling places in Antwerp such as t’Zuid, Zurenborg, Het Eilandje, etc. The best flight routes - London Gatwick to Antwerp Deurne, London Stansted to Antwerp Deurne, and many more are sure to make your journey on a premium airline more enjoyable and exciting than ever.

Departing Destination Duration (Approx.) Select
London Antwerp 7 Hours 30 Minutes
Birmingham Antwerp 11 Hours 15 Minutes
Manchester Antwerp 11 Hours 15 Minutes
Glasgow Antwerp 21 Hours 25 Minutes
Bristol Antwerp 14 Hours 15 Minutes
Liverpool Antwerp 7 Hours 35 Minutes

Airports in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most stepping countries in the European continent apart from its other phenomenal instances. Altitude has been developed by a separate design and monitoring authority with the leading national airport authorities. With modern updated technology the Brussels airport is rebuilding the whole structure with a better model, making it the busiest major airport in Europe.

Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport is one of the major airports in Europe. The airport authority has an epic strategy for the concept of designing terminals. It has only one terminal and all the services are provided under one roof. The structure of the airport consists of several segments where the train stations are accessible at level -1 directly under the departures and arrivals halls, buses are at level 0, and taxis in front of the arrival halls.
 Ostend-Bruges International Airport
Burges international airport, also known as Ostend airport, is situated in the Flemish region of Belgium. The airport is made for passenger flights and private business flights. Transportation facilities from Bruges International Airport are very much flexible. The airport authority is supplied by an exclusive range of services from free Wi-Fi, baby changing facilities, car rentals to smoking areas, accessible to all passengers.
Antwerp International Airport
Situated in the southern province of Antwerp, the Antwerp International Airport is a trivial international airport. The airport provides services only to charter airlines, and some business airlines. The airport attends approx. 273,130 passengers. Hence it is a small airport with limited capacity, and the runway length is limited. But the elementary services such as flight inquiries, food and beverages facilities like bars, restaurants, etc. are easily accessible.

Famous cities in Belgium

Belgium, the spiritual and cultural hub of the European continent, is defined by its incredibly unique social and art culture. The cities are beautifully decorated with ancient sculptures, art theaters, and buildings, besides modern technicalities. Belgium is seen as a mixture of traditionalism and modernism. The cultural patterns of famous Belgian cities such as Bruges, Antwerp, and Ghent can only be fully comprehended through exploring them by booking cheap flights to Belgium.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Belgium

Generally, the cheapest month to fly to Belgium is December, but it fluctuates depending on environmental changes.
The great time to explore Belgium is in the spring and autumn seasons. The days are chilly and nights are young. Book flights to Belgium and enjoy the trip to the fullest.
Belgium proves to be the finest destination for an all-season visit. But in general, the winter season is considered as the off-season to plan a trip.
Flight timings are predominantly dependent on the weather, generally it takes nine hours and fifty minutes to reach Belgium from the UK.
The usual charges for flights to Belgium from London are approx. £325 to £335. Although these fares can vary from time-to-time. Compare the deals among premium airlines before booking the Belgium flights.

Best places to visit in Europe

Europe is a place of cultural diversity, unique ancient documents of religion, and local simplicity with dignity. The food cultures are epic and the cuisines of European countries are diverse. With its long history of human development and the western civilisation, nations of this mainland are worth exploring. Plan a trip to Europe and be captivated by its vast beauty.

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