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Cheap Flights to Kuwait

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country that’s sitting pretty between the nations of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The country holds its traditions dear and is yet to become as modern as its neighbouring countries. A majority of the indigenous people of Kuwait have their lives centred around art and culture. While the eastern side is bordered by the Arabian Gulf, the regional inland areas boast desert plains. Lofty buildings, eye-catching architecture, crystal-clear blue waters, and an extensive coastline best define this Middle Eastern country. Affording an alluring view of the Persian Gulf, the Kuwait Towers have always been the iconic landmark of the country. When it comes to tourist honeypots, a variety of them are dotted across Kuwait which promises tourists make the most of their time.

Packed with sightseeing places and filled with activities to enjoy, one thing is certain – you won’t have a single moment of monotony while travelling the length and breadth of the country. From indulging in shark spotting to paying visits to mosques, the Middle Eastern country has something to offer to everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a history fiend, a wildlife lover, a food enthusiast, or an art and culture buff, you can rest assured to get your jollies in Kuwait. Flights to Kuwait mean embracing yourselves to relish mouth-watering food, catch idyllic landscapes, receive welcoming Arabian hospitality, and gallivant around sprawling deserts and head to immaculate beaches. Because Kuwait is not commercialized yet, it serves as a tranquil space and a perfect destination for everyone who loves serene surroundings to spend some quality time.

Best Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

Situated in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait, Kuwait Towers are one of the top-most tourist honeypots in the country that’s flocked by tons of travellers. Standing tall on a headland in the Persian Gulf, three tall structures come together to form the Kuwait Towers. Erected in 1979, the tallest of them boasts an altitude of 187 metres. These towers are nothing less than a testimony of the prosperity and economic success of the nation and offer sweeping vistas of the vicinity.

The Grand Mosque

The largest mosque in the country that sprawls over a whopping 45,000 square metres is obviously the Grand Mosque. Drawing tourists in droves, the mosque serves as a prominent tourist honeypot for tourists and natives alike. Furthermore, it has the capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 people attending worship at a time. Owing to an astonishing blend of traditional Islamic and state-of-the-art styles, the Grand Mosque is renowned for its spectacular architecture and sophisticated designs. No wonder it is genuinely a feast for the eyes.

The Tareq Rajab Museum

Another note-worthy cultural attraction is the Tareq Rajab Museum which boasts an array of collections of jewellery, Islamic art, textiles, and ceramics, in addition to serving as home to a remarkable spectacle of traditional Kuwaiti accessories and costumes. An elaborate tour of the museum is a must for all sorts of tourists to appreciate its antiques and wallow in the tranquillity of striking gardens and a courtyard existing in the premises of the mosque.

The Scientific Centre

The Scientific Centre is a modern-day attraction with a wide range of interactive exhibits and intriguing activities. Moreover, the centre also features an aquarium and a Discovery Place. Feel free to explore more than 100 marine life species residing in the aquarium as well as hands-on displays on the science and technology of the Discovery Place. What’s more? The Scientific Centre is also home to a gift shop, a 3D cinema, and many restaurants and cafes.

Failaka Island

Beach lovers must hit the popular Failaka Island which sits pretty off the coast of Kuwait and is a sought-after spot for vacationers to spend a couple of days. Thanks to numerous ancient ruins and plenty of archaeological sites, the island has more than what meets the eye. Whether it’s scenic beaches to indulge in a variety of water sports and outdoor pursuits, visual boat tours, or cafes to treat your taste buds like never before, trust Failaka Island for being the full package, exactly what you need for unwinding and adventure.

Famous Cities to Visit in Kuwait

Although there are scores of cities in Kuwait, its capital, Kuwait City deserves a special mention. It is a flourishing tourist destination, thanks to its sui generis blend of tradition and modernity. Tourists are drawn to its striking skyline, featuring architectural wonders like the Kuwait Towers, and a bustling waterfront promenade along the Arabian Gulf. The city offers an enriching cultural experience with its museums, heritage sites, and lively souks, displaying Kuwait's intriguing history and vibrant arts scene. Additionally, the finger-liking cuisine, luxury shopping, and warm Arabian hospitality make Kuwait City a captivating destination for travellers looking for a dynamic Middle Eastern experience.

Flights to
Kuwait City

Major International Airports in Kuwait

Kuwait International Airport is the only leading international airport in Kuwait that acts as a crucial gateway for travel and tourism in the country. It serves as the primary entry point for worldwide travellers. Its strategic location and state-of-the-art amenities ensure the smooth transportation of tourists, contributing considerably to the country’s tourism industry. The efficiency and connectivity of Kuwait Airport enhance Kuwait's appeal as a sought-after tourist destination, offering convenient access to its rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and vivacious urban experiences.

Kuwait International Airport (KWI)

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Kuwait

Yes, there are direct non-stop flights available from the capital city of the United Kingdom, London to the capital city of Kuwait, Kuwait City.
A lot of air carriers serve from London to Kuwait City. To name a few are British Airways, Kuwait Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and Pegasus Airlines.
A flight taking off from London Heathrow Airport takes approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes to land at Kuwait International Airport.
Making bookings two weeks prior to your departure date and that too, for the off-peak season helps a great deal in fetching air tickets on the cheap.