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Cheap Flights to Oman

Oman is a Middle Eastern country that’s tucked away on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The enchanting country offers a delightful blend of idyllic landscapes, adrenaline-rushing adventures, primeval culture, and interesting history. Officially known as ‘The Sultanate of Oman,’ it is a hospitable country that is home to everything from pristine beaches spanning along the coastline of the Arabian Sea to the series of jagged mountains and deserts stretched as far as eyes could see. The nation’s diversity persuades globetrotters galore to board flights to Oman and experience something unique and unprecedented.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is nothing short of a desirable gateway to a lot of wonders Oman boasts. Modern-day skyscrapers stand tall in symphony with ancient Arabic architecture in this lively metropolis of Muscat, speaking volumes about Oman's unwavering commitment to conserving its immensely rich cultural heritage. Although, Oman has more than what meets the eye; it’s packed with pursuits that catch the fancy of travellers. Speaking of which, tourists love to shop till drop in its several traditional souks situated in Mutrah and Nizwa, where the air smells of interesting spices and colourful handicrafts and textiles are certainly a treat to the eyes.

Oman might be an unconventional destination but it surely knows how to draw travellers from around the globe. It takes pride in boasting all the elements that make a place a perfect holiday destination. From enjoying adventurous activities in the mountains to unwinding on the beaches with glistening sands and exploring various ancient traditions – there’s plenty to indulge in in Oman that vacationers are often spoilt for choice. There are high chances that might not have had enough even when your vacation is coming to an end and you’re left longing for more. Without further ado, board flights to Oman to set off on an extraordinary voyage.

Best Places to Visit in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Located in Muscat, the capital of Oman, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a remarkable masterpiece of architecture. With intricate and elaborate Islamic designs, the mosque is indubitably a feast for the eyes. As it is one of the largest mosques under the sun, it attracts a lot of visitors. Even non-Muslim tourists are allowed to access the mosque and admire the colourful carpets, spectacular chandeliers, and colossal prayer hall.

Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands is definitely your go-to place to be in awe of the desert beauty that Oman boasts. The sprawling region of rolling sand dunes is an experience that is something hard to forget. There is an array of activities you can get your jollies from – exhilarating dune-bashing rides, camel trekking, or simply kicking back in the tranquil surroundings of the awe-inspiring desert landscape. If you’re looking to spend a night beneath the firmament teeming with stars, campsites are your good bet.

Jebel Shams

The loftiest mountain peak of Oman, Jebel Shams, is also renowned as the "Mountain of the Sun.” it is one of the sought-after tourist attractions and boasts a staggering height of 3,009 metres standing above sea level. It offers aesthetically sweeping vistas of Wadi Ghul, the jagged canyon that is also famous as the "Grand Canyon of Oman." If you’re fond of hiking, you must hike through and explore umpteen trails on offer, such as the revered Balcony Walk, which takes you through the edges of the canyon for some eye-catching vistas

Muscat's Old Quarter (Mutrah)

Mutrah is the significant historic centre of Muscat and thus, offers a sneak peek into the intriguing past of Oman. Its alleyways are lined with old-style whitewashed buildings embellished with wooden balconies. Moreover, the traditional market of the Mutrah Souq is flooded with Omani spices, handicrafts, souvenirs, and spices is an ideal place to go on a shopping spree. Mutrah Corniche is another idyllic spot to take leisure strolls.

Famous Cities to Visit in Oman

Omani cities promise globetrotters the time of their lives. Whether it’s the cultural gem of Muscat that is home to bustling souks and historic forts, the city of Salalah enjoying the pleasant monsoon and boasting lush landscapes, Nizwa that gives an insight into Oman's immensely rich heritage, or the port city of Sur that entices with its scenic coastline, every city of Oman is worth exploring for sure. They are home to diverse attractions and thus, tourists of all sorts, including nature lovers, history buffs, and cultural explorers bound to have a whale of a time in Oman.

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Major International Airports in Oman

Oman is home to several international and domestic airports that are nothing short of the lifelines of tourism in the country. Muscat International Airport is one of the leading international airports, and along with other regional hubs, facilitate easy access to this Arabian gem of a place that Oman is. These airports connect travellers to scenic landscapes, ancient history, and the vibrant culture of the country. Also, courtesy of the efficient air travel, it adds to the country's appeal as a desirable tourist destination.

Muscat International Airport (MCT)
duqm -international-airport
Duqm International Airport (DQM)
Salalah International Airport (SLL)
Sohar International Airport (OHS)
Khasab Airport (KHS)
Dibba Airport (BYB)
Qarn Alam Airport (RNM)
Buraimi Airport (RMB)

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Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Oman

Yes, there are direct flights available from the capital city of the United Kingdom, London to the capital city of Oman, Muscat.
Although there are scores of airlines that operate flights to Oman from the UK, some of the prominent ones are British Airways, Oman Air, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways.
A direct non-stop flight from London Heathrow Airport takes approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes to land at Muscat International Airport.
Booking at least 5 weeks prior to your departure date leads to a higher possibility of getting cheap flights to Oman.