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Cheap Flights to Qatar

The Arab country of Qatar is situated in the north-eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula and is an amazing destination to fly to, courtesy of its sand dunes, an arid desert, and a sprawling coastline of idyllic beaches. Even though it’s small in size, the country boasts many attractions and activities that catch the fancy of tourists. Cloud-kissing skyscrapers, natural marvels, iconic landmarks, cultural troves, and whatnot – it has got tourists’ covered. Regardless of your eclectic interest, you must board one of the flights to Qatar to explore this gem of a place.

If you’re one of those who love nature and picturesque surroundings a bit way too much, then Qatar indubitably should be your go-to place. Whether you’re a desert explorer or a beach lover, you can rest assured to get your jollies in this Middle Eastern country. With its undulating dunes, the Qatari Desert, situated in the vicinity of the city centre, is a must-visit. From enjoying adrenaline-pumping dune bashing on a 4x4 vehicle to sandboarding and spending a couple of nights under the sky full of stars at campsites to indulging in a desert safari – tourists take delight in many pursuits on offer in the sprawling desert.

When it comes to beaches, the entire coastline of Qatar is lined with paradisiacal beaches where you can make the most of the activities, such as swimming, kayaking, diving, and sailing. None of the flights to Qatar are considered worthwhile if you didn’t visit Khor Al Udaid. This world-famous Inland Sea attracts a plethora of globetrotters. This natural reserve is recognized by UNESCO and it is where the sea invades deep into the heart of the desert. Soaring sand dunes surround this beautiful tidal embayment that should be explored no matter what.

Best Places to Visit in Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar

Situated along the shore of the West Bay District, the Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island that boasts residential towers, villas, hotels, and yacht-lined marinas. It’s nothing short of a paradise for all those who are fond of going on luxurious shopping sprees at upscale boutiques and showrooms. This enticing island is also home to various dining places, varying from ice cream stalls to sumptuous five-star restaurants that cater to foodies of all sorts. Having said that, what truly makes Pearl-Qatar stand out is its pedestrian-friendly squares, plazas and lush plush gardens.

Souq Waqif

Settled on the banks of Wadi Musheireb’s dry river bed, which also happened to be the site of Doha’s formerly century-old trading market, Souq Waqif is a vibrant traditional marketplace set against the background of the scintillating skyline of Doha. The mud-smeared buildings of Souq Wakif are bound to take you to a bygone era. However, the market is an all-time hub of hubbub and abundant activities. From Intricate headpieces to traditional handicrafts and multi-layered necklaces to woven fabrics and glass ornaments – the market offers it all and has certainly got you covered.

Katara Cultural Village

If you’re always yearning for excellent entertainment and exceptional cultural scenes, then Katara Cultural Village is certainly your good bet. Filled with art galleries, workshops, performance venues, a la carte restaurants, and theatres, this village is a sought-after spot travellers and natives alike. A splendid amphitheatre that stands in the middle of the village against the remarkable backdrop of the architectural wonder hosts several cultural performances and catches the fancy of visitors. Next to it is an extensive beach where a vast array of water sports draws travellers of all ages.

Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier is one of the main tourist honeypots that is truly a feast for the eyes. Sitting pretty in the capital city of Qatar and inspired by Venice, it is home to turquoise water canals surrounded by elegantly arched bridges and candy-coloured buildings, and thus, makes for a place perfect to click some Instagram-worthy shots. Whether you decide to play on the musical staircase, go on a leisurely stroll through broad boulevards, grab a piping cup of Joe, have glistening sands in between your toes, marvel at the eye-catching vistas of the Arabian Gulf from its beachfront esplanade, or make the most of café hopping, the place is sure shot a delight for every sightseer.

Famous Cities to Visit in Qatar

Qatar has many cities that are visited by globetrotters in droves. However, its capital Doha, remains the centre of attraction. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, eye-catching architecture, and cultural richness, it is a tourist destination worth exploring. Furthermore, the hosting of major events like the FIFA World Cup 2022 has further boosted Doha’s appeal, making it a vital destination for global travellers seeking a blend of tradition and innovation.

Flights to

Major International Airports in Qatar

Located in the east of Doha, Hamad International Airport is the only leading international airport in Qatar. Formerly known as Doha International Airport, the airport serves as a prominent gateway for international travellers. It is a hub for Qatar Airways, the flag carrier of Qatar. Offering several facilities at the airport, the airport leaves no stone unturned to make sure that passengers have an effortless and smooth travel experience.

Hamad International Airport (DOH)

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Qatar

Yes, there are several direct non-stop flights available from different cities of the United Kingdom, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburg, to the capital city of Qatar, Doha.
A flight taking off from London Heathrow Airport takes approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes to land at Hamad International Airport.
There are umpteen carriers that operate flights to Qatar from the UK. Some of the prominent ones are Qatar Airways, British Airways, Middle East Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways, and Oman Air.
In order to get your hands on cheap flight tickets to Qatar, book at least 4 weeks before your scheduled departure. Also, it’s best to fly in the off-season, which is the month of January in Qatar.