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Sitting pretty in the eastern area of the Caribbean region, Saint Lucia is a mesmerizing island country that is bifurcated by a series of rugged mountains going from north to south. This exceptional island has both mystique and beauty to thank for as it stands out as an extraordinary tourist destination. Gorgeous beaches, thrilling waves, and warm natives are like the cherry on the cake and make it all the more desirable for globetrotters to catch a flight to Saint Lucia. The island country is nothing short of an epitome of adventure and inspiration blended together; no wonder it never fails to sweep tourists off their feet.

With magnificent peaks of Pitons touching the blue skies, thick green rainforests thriving at their best, and intriguing azure waters of the Caribbean Sea crashing on the shores, Saint Lucia is a colourful dream destination for everyone who likes to vacation in style. From its people to customs and cuisines to landscapes, all of it seamlessly come together to make sure that travellers have the time of their lives on this paradisiacal island. As Saint Lucia is a melting pot of distinct cultures, such as French, African, English, and Caribbean, it offers an exotic blend of traditions, cuisines, and music, difficult to find anywhere else.

Also famous by the moniker of ‘Helen of the West Indies,’ Saint Lucia has everything for everyone – from iconic landmarks to hidden romantic spots and gastronomy delights to culture and history. It doesn’t take too long for tourists to realise that they may want to return again and again to this gem of an island.

Best Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

The Pitons

One of the best spots to commence your exploration of St. Lucia has to be none other than the Pitons. Petit Piton and Gros Piton are two volcanic plugs nestled on the southwestern coast where tourists take delight in hiking around them. You can also catch sight of unprecedented flora and fauna native to the area and sail around pitons to appreciate their beauty from the water. Both of these dormant volcanoes often leave tourists and locals alike spellbound by their shape and eternal beauty.

Pigeon Island

For those who are always in quest of a pleasant blend of history and nature, Pigeon Island is your place to be. This designated national park is perfect for indulging in diving, snorkelling, sailing, and a lot of other eclectic activities off the shores. You can enjoy mounting around the remnants of Fort Rodney, which is believed to be built by the Britons to fight against the French. Do not forget to admire nature reclaiming the island by the day while you’re hiking and passing cannons.


Settled in the western part of Saint Lucia, Soufrière is a town that serves as an iconic landmark and a sought-after tourist honeypot. The town has sulphurous fragrances emitting from volcanoes to thank for its name. Visitors love to saunter around the town square and soak in the culture of the island. You must check out the natural wonders that call the town their home. Also, make sure to pay a visit to Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths for outdoor pursuits. Shop for souvenirs at the vibrant marketplaces of the town.

Famous Cities to Visit in Saint Lucia

The landscape of Saint Lucia is as varying as its heritage. No two regions of the island look alike! While some of its parts are brimming with nightlife scenes and beachside parties, you may find other parts as the polar opposite with dense woods and serene environs. The island is mainly divided into four parts – North Saint Lucia, South Saint Lucia, West Saint Lucia, and Central Saint Lucia. North Saint Lucia is the most preferred location by tourists to stay, whereas South Saint Lucia is in proximity to the airport. West Saint Lucia boasts the original French capital of Soufrière and Central Saint Lucia is famous for its forest reserves.

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Vieux Fort
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Major International Airports in Saint Lucia

Irrespective of how you choose to get to Saint Lucia, Saint Lucians are always more than ready to welcome tourists wholeheartedly. With a length of 27 miles and a width of 14 miles, this beautiful island is lined with palm-fringed beaches. Although, it has more than meets the eye and there’s a lot more to explore beyond its pristine beaches. The blanket of emerald hue sprawls over most of the island, covering rising peaks and plummeting valleys in the dense tropical rainforests. If you prefer air travel to a cruise trip, then Hewanorra International Airport is your best bet. It is situated in Vieux Fort, 64 kilometres south of the capital city of Castries. You can also land at George F.L. Charles Airport, located just outside Castries.

Hewanorra Airport
Hewanorra International Airport (UVF)
George Airport
George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU)

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights to Saint Lucia

The best time to book cheap flights to Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom is at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure date. You can also prefer flying to the island country in the month of March to avoid expensive flights.
Yes, you can fly direct from London to Saint Lucia as there are several air carriers that provide non-stop flights on this route, including British Airways, TUI, and Virgin Atlantic.
Currently, there are two airports in the UK that serve flights to Saint Lucia, namely London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.
A non-stop flight from the United Kingdom to Saint Lucia may take anywhere around 9 hours.
Virgin Atlantic, TUI, and British Airways are leading airlines that operate flights from the UK to Saint Lucia.